Woody is back with his gang! Here's a look at everything you need to know before watching Toy Story 4

Published on 28th Oct 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Toy Story is a Pixar animated series that started way back in 1995, and has since then released two sequels with one more addition coming very soon! The films have been directed by John Lasseter and takes place in a world where toys have the power to talk and feel like human beings. 

If you too are excited about watching the new Toy Story 4 or if you are just simply interested in catching up on all the previous films, here’s everything you need to know before watching Toy Story 4!

Toy Story 1

Toy Story 1 follows the life of a bunch of toys owned by a boy called Andy who are distraught when they find out that Andy’s birthday has been shifted a week ahead. Scared that their life could be infiltrated by new toys anytime now the toys turn to their leader, Woody the cowboy for a solution.

Cue the entry of Buzz Lightyear, a new toy who surprisingly does not know he is a toy and soon becomes a favourite of Andy as well of the other toys.

Seeing Andy and the other toys being ignored in favour of Buzz, Woody decides to get rid of him once and for all, but things take a surprising turn.

The film ends up with Woody and Buzz finally making up after a series of unfortunate and deadly adventures and Andy’s toy gang finally learns to accept the new toys as well!

Toy Story 1
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Toy Story 2

As Andy prepares to go to a cowboy camp, he leaves behind Woody for some repairs. Woody, however ends up getting kidnapped by a Toy collector.

On one hand where Buzz and the other toys prepare to save him, Woody finds out he is part of a collector’s item with a group of 3 other toys, Jessie, Stinky Pete and Bullseye. Although Woody tries hard to escape at first, he soon accepts the idea of living in a museum for the rest of his life. 

When Buzz finally arrives he struggles to remind Woody how toys are meant to be played with and not kept in a museum. While everyone is convinced, the way back home is not that easy and Stinky Pete is not really their ally.

In the end, Buzz and the other toys finally manage to get Woody, Bullseye and Jessie back home, just in time for Andy to play with them! 

Woody also tells the other toys that he is no longer scared of Andy growing up too quickly because they will always have each other!

Toy Story 2
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Toy Story 3

As Andy prepares to go to college, he needs to make a decision about what he wants to do with his old toys.

Instead of giving them away, Andy keeps all the toys in a trash bag to store them in the attic but his mother mistakenly throws it out.

The toys somehow make their way to the car in which Andy’s other toys are on their way to a donation centre and soon they find themselves at a place called Sunnyside.

They are welcomed by an old bear toy called Lotso who looks sweet at first but turns against the toys very quickly.

In an intense climax scene, the toys end up at a dumpster where they are about to be melted by Lotso but are saved by the alien plushies.  Lotso, however gets caught and ends up stuck on a truck’s headlights.

The toys soon return back to Andy and he finally decides to give them away to a little girl called Bonnie. Andy is a little to hesitant to give away his best friend Woody away but accepts the fact that he deserves to be played with and hands him over to Bonnie happily.

Toy Story 3
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Toy Story 4

The new addition to the series follows the story of the toys after they have moved in with Bonnie. The film is all set to release on 21st June and you can check out the trailer here.


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