Why the world will never forget Sridevi

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In between tears and shock, the world today is mourning the loss of a legend who put the whole Indian Film Industry on the map. From her enthralling dance to humility, it will truly be difficult for the us to forget the Chandni of Bollywood.

1. She captured the audience’s attention at the age of 4, debuting as Lord Murgan in the tamil move Thunaivan and later playing the role of a young boy in Nam Naadu winning a national award at an early age.

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2. Expressions are said to be the cornerstone of good acting. And needless to say, Sridevi’s expressions delivered the emotions much before dialogues could. In some cases, her eyes were enough to dazzle the masses.

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3. With Sridevi, the audience had for the first time seen a woman matching steps with actors like Mithun and Jitendra with equal enthusiasm and skill. But it was with Nagina in 1986 that she marked herself as a superb dancer and made a billion fans.

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4. She was probably the first actress good at comic roles too. Stealing the thunder from the likes of Rajnikanth and Sunny Deol, she proved her mettle in comedy in Chaalbaaz and later in Mr India, where she made people laugh their heart out.

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5. Apart from her reel life roles, she was also great at her real life roles. She lighted her mother’s funeral pyre going against the social norms, and shared a great bond with her daughters. In an interview, she said “I have taught them to always be welcoming and polite and I make sure that they’re not spoilt at all.”

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