Why these six short films are on our playlist this weekend

Published on 09th Dec 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Who doesn’t love a good short film? Crisp and impactful content always scores over a long drawn movie padded with songs and unnecessary scenes. After all, who has the time these days to watch too much? No wonder that the demand for short films has increased over the years. Here are six short films that are a must-watch.

1. Chai

Gitanjali Rao’s short film is a montage of the lives of four chai wallas. From a young kid in Mumbai to an elderly tea shop owner in Kerala, the characters are varied with a gripping storyline. Beautiful sequences of the chai-making process provide the perfect background to these four people recounting their stories. Great cinematography and interesting points of view make this film a visual treat

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2. Chutney

A seemingly unassuming conversation over pakodas, green chutney and soft drinks soon takes a sinister turn. Actor Tisca Chopra, who also debuts as a producer, plays the lead as a demure housewife. She is ably supported by Adil Hussain and Rasika Dugal. Chutney is about the ordinary people around us who we usually don’t pay much attention to. The twist at the end connecting food and death is what makes this short film chilling to watch

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3. Ahalya

Filmmaker Sujoy Ghosh (of Kahaani fame) wowed fans yet again with this edge-of-the-seat thriller. The film is a spin-off of Ahalya’s story in the Ramayana. In the epic, Ahalya is the wife of Gautama, an old sage. She unknowingly cheats on him with Indra who is disguised as her husband. In the original story, Gautama cursed Ahalya for her infidelity, but Sujoy’s version has a feminist twist. Watch this film for its brilliant acting by Radhika Apte, veteran Soumitra Chatterjee and Tota Roy Chowdhury

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4. Urmi’s Cat

Urmi’s Cat deals with the touchy subject of incest and sexual abuse. Urmi is a 22-year-old artist who has been sexually abused as a child. She lives alone with Mr Spock, an old cat, who is her confidante. The film shows how abuse can often distort the victim’s sense of trust and love. Urmi’s Cat also challenges the filmy notion that the perpetrator is always an uncle. As you watch the film, the question you are left asking is, will Urmi heal?

Urmi's Cat
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5. Friend Request Pending

If nothing else, watch this short comedy drama for Dame Judi Dench’s outstanding performance. The film showcases what it means to be an elderly person navigating dating in a world of social networking. The humorous story about finding love and celebrating friendship is one that we can all relate to. Cameos by Tom Hiddleston and John Macmillan add to the charm of this award-winning short film

Friend Request Pending
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6. Inseparable

If you’re a fan of Benedict Cumberbatch, you just can’t miss this short film. He plays a dual role of twins who lead completely opposite lives. When Joe, a young father, discovers he is dying, he gives his twin the chance to change his life. Benedict’s raw acting in this powerful story gives you goosebumps. And all this without much dialogue -- visuals and music play a crucial role. 

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