Why these regional comedies deserve a watch

Published on 28th Feb 2019 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

What’s life without laughter? What can be more humorous than watching a funny movie? As the saying goes, laugh and the world laughs with you. We say the best way to have a great time is to get your best buddies over and watch some comedy films together.

This time around we have put together some regional comedies that you must watch. We bet these movies are sure to leave you laughing your head off.

1. Maheshinte Prathikaaram (Malayalam)

A simple story simply told. That’s what makes Maheshinte Prathikaaram a much watch. It’s the story of an average guy’s ordinary life that gets turned upside down when he gets into a fight. And loses. One of the best Malayalam comedies in a long time, the film is wonderfully light-hearted and endearing. 

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2. Land 1857 (Marathi)

The movie is a satire on land acquisition in our country. The government announces a highway project which cuts through a nondescript village. The drama that ensues thereafter and its impact on the hapless villagers makes for an interesting watch.

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3. Chamak (Kannada)

What happens when two individuals who shun commitment get married due to societal pressure? That’s what Chamak is all about. It has a good dose of humour, quirky one-liners and drama. 

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4. Bhale Bhale Magadivoy (Telugu)

Bhale Bhale Magadivoy is about a young lad Lucky who suffers from memory issues. If you are thinking the movie is a spoof of Ghajini, well, it’s not. In this comedy of errors, the lad falls in love and naturally forgets to tell the pretty lass about his peculiar condition. His forgetfulness leads to many hilarious situations. The film is a hoot and very, very entertaining.

This movie was remade as Ghajinikanth in Tamil. In the Tamil version, the protagonist’s name is Rajinikanth and he is a passionate Thalaiva fan. The film makes several references to the Superstar and has many of his famous punch lines too.

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5. First Rank Raju (Kannada)

Parents wanting their kids to get good grades without bothering about life skills is something we can all identify with. The film holds a mirror to our outdated education system that imparts only bookish knowledge. Thankfully, the movie does it without getting too preachy. The situations that nerdy Raju keeps getting into will crack you up! 

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