Why Should You Choose A DTH Connection Over Cable TV

Published on 27th Aug 2021 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Difference between DTH and Cable TV

When looking for a new TV connection, people are always confused regarding which one to choose- DTH or Cable TV. If you too face this dilemma, we hope you have a clear idea after reading this article. There are two types of TV connections available in India, one is Direct-to-Home (DTH) and the other is Cable TV. While both provide consumers with entertaining content, there are many differences between DTH and Cable TV. Let us explore these differences in brief to have a better understanding regarding which one is better- DTH or Cable TV.

Difference Between DTH And Cable TV

Cable TV is a much older technology and it is how people all over the world once consumed content before the arrival of the technologically advanced DTH service. Both have considerable differences that can help you choose whether to opt for DTH or Cable TV.

Dish Requirement

The main difference between DTH and Cable TV is that you need a personal dish for a DTH connection. In both the services though, you get to choose the channel packages according to your viewing habits. In addition, a set-top box (STB) is required in a DTH connection as well as a Cable TV connection.

Quality Of Viewing

When it comes to picture and sound quality, DTH connection takes the cake. The Cable TV operators use analogue transmissions while the DTH operators use digital transmission. Digital transmission ensures that the viewers can perceive content in the highest quality possible. Today, a maximum of the DTH operators offer HD as well as 4K set-top boxes with great features to enhance the quality of viewing.

Customer Support

Another major difference between DTH and Cable TV is the kind of customer service that is provided with either of the connections. Cable TV connections are operated by local operators and thus they lack a huge customer support team to help their customers with their everyday issues. Due to the absence of a dedicated customer support team, it can sometimes take a long time to get the issues resolved. On the other hand, DTH service providers have a dedicated and larger customer support team to resolve issues quickly.


The difference between DTH and Cable TV is also in terms of availability. DTH service providers can extend their services to the most remote places of the country because all that is required is a clear sky for the signals to reach the dish. But Cable TV connections are geographically limited and can be provided in a limited range of areas.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cable TV And DTH

Cable TV and DTH both come with a set of advantages and disadvantages. Comparing the two of them can help you regarding which one to choose- DTH or Cable.

Advantages Of DTH


  • Greater service coverage
  • More channels
  • Better signal quality
  • Multiple language options
  • Pay only for the channels and services you use
  • Get access to features such as Parental Lock, Pre-booked Pay-per-view and Impulse Pay-per-view, etc.
  • Access to multiple discount offers on channel packages.

Disadvantages Of DTH


  • Signal issues during the rainy season or stormy weather.

Advantages Of Cable TV

  • Uncomplicated installation since there is no need for a dish.

Disadvantages Of Cable TV


  • It creates a monopoly due to a single Cable TV provider for a certain area.
  • There is not much clarity regarding the multiple channel packages due to the lack of accessible customer service.
  • Delay in problem-solving due to lack of a dedicated customer support department.

Why DTH Is Better Than Cable TV?

The reasons why DTH is better than Cable TV are multiple! In comparison to Cable TV, DTH connection provides better benefits and features. It is more technologically advanced and better suited for today’s busy life. Firstly, it ensures superior picture quality with High Definition (HD) channels. Secondly, you have complete freedom to choose the channels based on your preferences and pay for those only. Also, as a subscriber, you have complete control over your profile. At any point in time, you can add more channels to your list (for a limited fee), modify them or even delete them from the list conveniently, without having to call the operator every time. With a DTH connection, you also get access to additional interactive features and services such as video-on-demand, games, quizzes, puzzles, movie premieres, fitness videos, beauty tips etc., which are also a big attraction. All these surely make DTH connection a better choice than Cable TV.

Which DTH Is Best In India?

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