Whatever happened to all the winners of KBC? Take a look for yourself.

We all wonder how a common man would be if he got famous overnight. Here is a glimpse of what the Crorepatis of KBC are doing now.

1.Harshvardhan Navathe:
The first winner of KBC used the money to study MBA from Edinburgh Napier University and currently is a board member of Ladiv Group, an international recruitment platform.

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2.Rahat Taslim:
The first woman to win the prize money, Rahat chose to open a garment showroom and invest in her children’s education.

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3. Sanmeet Kaur:
Sanmeet Kaur, a homemaker who wanted more in life, answered a question with an SMS and landed on the hot seat. She won 5 Crores rupees and used the money to open her own fashion studio.

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4. Taj Mohommad Rangrez:
Taj Mohommad Rangrez was a history teacher who created history by winning 1 crore in the seventh season, helped two orphan girls get married in his village and lives a comfortable life in his new home.

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5.Ravi Mohan Saini :
A 10th standard student, Ravi Mohan Saini won ₹ 1 crore in KBC junior and currently serves the country as an officer of Indian Police Service.

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6.Narula brothers (Achin and Sarthak):
It is safe to say that the Narula brothers (Achin and Sarthak), are Maha Crorepatis as they won biggest prize money of 7 Crores. They used the money for their mother’s cancer treatment and to start a new business.

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7.Manoj Raina:
For railway employee Manoj Raina, winning a crore and meeting Mr Bachchan was a dream come true. He plans to build a house in Kashmir Valley, his ancestral home.

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8.Anil Kumar Sinha:
With the prize money of 1 crore, the Bihar based banker Anil Kumar Sinha launched coaching classes and wrote books on how to win KBC. He continues to give tips about winning on KBC on phone and Facebook.

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