What makes Amitabh Bachchan the most versatile actor of Bollywood

Published on 09th Dec 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Amitabh Bachchan! Where do we even start? Everything we think of, he has done with ease. Be it a blockbuster film or a reality show or acing at sports or depicting various roles, he’s done it all. There is no other personality as great as him in the industry that we know of. Lets learn what makes him so great as an actor and as an individual

After working in more than 200 films, Amitji today holds a special place in everyone’s heart. Started his career in the year 1969, he will finish half a century in the industry very soon.

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Since he faced a lot of difficulties in the initial years of his career, he was almost convinced to catch THAT Kolkata train that’d take him back to his stage shows and plays from where he started. It was only after Zanjeer that he got his place in Bollywood as a ‘Angry Young Man'.

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There was no stopping for him after that. Bachchan gave continuous hits, right from Sholay to Amar Akbar Anthony and from Paa to his upcoming Thugs Of Hindostan, Big B has come a long way.

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Not only has he experimented by taking up various roles in reel life, but also has been a politician and a dear friend of our former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

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Bachchan had also set up a production house that failed miserably and he was almost bankrupt when he decided to take up this role in the most famous reality show on the generation ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’.

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Not only that, Amitji was the one who carried the Olympic flame in London and he is also the one and the 1st actor from Bollywood whose wax statue was put up at the Madame Tussaud’s museum. 

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At one point, he was voted as the greatest actor ever in an online poll. He has in fact also debuted in the Hollywood cinema with ‘The Great Gatsby’.

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Along with his generous gesture and the way he treats his fans, he also does a lot of charity. He went on to tweet about his journey in a local train when he travelled and sang with a guy who works for a social cause.

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He also believes in gender equality. He once posted a picture of himself with a board in hand that read, ‘when I die, the assets that I leave behind, shall be shared equally between my daughter and my son. #GenderEqulity #WeAreEqual’.

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