What good is Re.1? Well, let’s find out!

We all have those little joys we remember as kids, from sweets to stationery, all for the price of a single rupee. Here are some of the most memorable items that came at the meager price of Re.1.

1. They were lifesavers, especially before our exams.
2. For all those who had to make some quick ‘corrections’ before the test ended.
3. What made toffee even sweeter was the price tag of Re.1.
4. Before the internet age, we had SMS, which made communication between two people simple for the price of Re.1.
5. Perhaps the most useful item to have during a power cut.
6. For split pants and broken buttons, this was an effective temporary fix.
7. The most yummy treats on a hot day cost just Re. 1, which made it even sweeter.
8. For the slackers, their local Xerox shop was the most common visit before any exam.
9. After a meal, jeera goli was perhaps the best way to sweeten your palate.
10. A handwritten letter is always appreciated, that’s why a postcard is still the same price.
11. It was nice to know that all our friends and family were just a rupee away.
12. Always helpful when we needed to get rid of undesirable smells or lighting up birthday candles on a cake.
13. These Re.1 Ketchup packets made everything taste better. Everything!
14. The simple pleasures in life barely cost anything, just like these Re.1 Kites.
15. The cheap gum brands were great for those of us who didn’t want to eat but just munch something while we played sports.
16. For those of us reaching maturity, these were common for a many of us.
17. Never underestimate the power of the Indian Rupee.
18. Always the preferred choice when pouring drinks, plastic cups were the most basic necessity for parties.
19. Be honest, we’ve all used these at least once, thank goodness a quick relief break still costs Re. 1.
20. Now exchange steel for paper, without losing any of the value!


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