West Indies cricket players with an Indian connection

Cricket is the game that is played and enjoyed across the nation all year long and even in foreign countries. So does even West Indies. Even the name ‘West Indies’ sounds like ‘India’. Apart from the culture, the language, the cricket team of West Indies has a few players who have an Indian connection. Let's explore and check who are these people

1. Shivnarine Chanderpaul

Having played about 100 Test matches overall, Shivnarine today is amongst the legends who’ve made their country really proud. For 2 decades, he has been an outstanding performer of the West Indies cricket team. It is believed that Pawan Kumar Chanderpaul, his great grand maternal uncle emigrated to Guyana in the year 1873. That’s what makes him a Bihari  

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2. Rohan Kanhai

Talking about the great players of all time, the list cannot be complete without this name. He’s none other than Rohan Kanhai. This man has been an inspiration for a lot of people around the world, even Sunil Gavaskar. He’s the 2nd player after Sonny Ramadhin to play for the West Indies team and has put himself as the greatest player with a great score

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3. Ramnaresh Sarwan

Sarwan originally belongs to an Indian Hindu family whose parents names are Kishan Sarwan and Kumari Sarwan. Making his debut in 2000 against Pakistan, Ramnaresh is a highly known player in the history of cricket in both ODI matches as well as Test series. He has till date scored more than 6000 runs and continues to motivate a lot of people even today

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4. Alvin Kallicharran

Right from 1972 to 1981, he has been the one who took limelight, scoring runs and making history. Alvin was known for his unique left-handed batting and his amazing bowling. He has played about 66 Tests overall

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5. Denesh Ramdin

Debuted in 2005, Danesh today is the captain of Trinidad and Tobago after he replaced Daren Ganga, another Indian who is a mate in the West Indies team. He had very well taken over his place and proved it as a captain and yet continues to be the most spoken about player

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