Ways to spruce up your Work From Home desk!

Published on 30th Oct 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Home office design has become an increasingly popular concept with most people working remotely due to the COVID pandemic. For a lot of people, this transition has been difficult owing to a lack of office space and setup. A great work-from-home desk setup can help you be more productive and work efficiently.

As the pandemic shows no means of disappearing anytime soon, we bring you some of the best home office design ideas for working remotely. 


1. A motivational wall

Nothing is worse than staring at a boring blank wall while working. To spruce up your work-from-home desk setup, add some colour to your wall. You can put on photos of friends and family or even pics of places you would like to visit. Nothing like a photo of your dream vacation place to get you in the work zone. If you have a favourite motivational quote, put that up as well. Personalise your space to make it feel welcoming when you sit to work.

A motivational wall
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2. Add some colour

Working in a solo space as compared to the hustle and bustle of the office can be daunting. Brighten up your office space with a colourful rug or painting to boost your mood. You can go with soothing blues and greens, bright yellows or even energetic reds. For those of you who like a bit of everything, pick a painting or rug with splashes of colours that are sure to brighten up even the dullest of days. 

Add some colour
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3. Have a desk organiser

This is one of favourite home office setup ideas. Chances are that you don’t have a compartmentalised office desk in your home, leading to a cluttered desk. Not only can this come in the way of efficiency but offer a messy look as well. Get yourself an organiser or use a side table to organise your work better leaving for a better looking-workspace. 

Have a desk organiser
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4. Invest in a good chair

This important investment is often overlooked at home and can wreak havoc on your body and efficiency. Be sure to get an ergonomic chair that allows for correct posture. Not only will it help keep your spine in shape, but you will also tire less easily.  For maximum benefits, choose a chair that is height-adjustable to make sure your posture is correct regardless of the activity. 

Invest in a good chair
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5. Make it bright

A well-lit and bright space is crucial when it comes to good home office design. Wherever possible, opt for a room with natural light. This works wonders in keeping you productive and motivated. In case your office space is just walls and a ceiling, make sure you get high-watt bulbs. If your work involves a lot of paperwork or reading material, get a separate lamp for your desk. A brighter space will keep you alert as well as improve your mood. 

Make it bright
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6. Get some indoor plants

Just because you are indoors doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a bit of nature as well. Get some lasting indoor plants to brighten up your space. Plants like aloe vera and snake plant not only add to the décor but are also great to boost oxygen levels indoors. For those of you who don’t have even a hint of a green thumb, get a couple of artificial plants or flowers to create the same feel. 

Get some indoor plants
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7. Opt for an ergonomic keyboard

When it comes to home office setup ideas, an ergonomic keyboard is a must for everyone spending long hours typing away at their desk. Constantly keeping your wrists and fingers in a tense or uncomfortable position is sure to lead to pain and stiffness. Along with a good desk and chair, having a good keyboard is as important for your posture. Invest in a compatible keyboard that is adjustable for better efficiency and to keep your wrists pain-free. Hunching over a keyboard can also lead to severe shoulder and neck stiffness. 

Opt for an ergonomic keyboard
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8. A dedicated wireless system

When it comes to home office design ideas, a dedicated wireless router cannot be ignored. Not every home system has the same bandwidth as office systems. Further, with increased digital meetings, chances are you’ll be utilising a whole lot of data at a high speed. If your home system is bogged down by streaming the latest series on Netflix or with a multi-gaming console, you may be left with a slow stream of buffering. Instead, get a separate network system for your office to stay in touch with your team and keep your work going smoothly. 

A dedicated wireless system
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9. A much-needed yoga mat

This may sound absurd for a home office, but it’s exactly where it’s needed the most. Spending hours sitting at a desk is extremely unhealthy and can weirdly add to your tiredness. By having a yoga mat in place, you’ll be able to get in a few stretches and postures without wasting time. Chances are if you need to find and roll out your yoga mat every time, you won’t be doing any of it. Having the mat in place is a perfect reminder to take a break occasionally and stretch your body. 

A much-needed yoga mat
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10. Put up a whiteboard

This is one of the easiest and best space-saving ways of organising your thoughts and tasks when working remotely. List out your tasks and appointments clearly to keep a track of all the things you do. Not only will this help you stay on track but reduce the mess and paper of clutter. Bonus tip – use a mix of colourful markers to segregate your tasks or prioritize your work. 

Put up a whiteboard
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11. Have a coffee snack station

This may not be possible for everyone, but a small coffee station can work wonders. A lot of times when working remotely, people either waste a lot of time when they step out for a snack or simply avoid eating leading to health problems. Keep a small tray with an electric kettle and coffee sachets and a mix of healthy snacks. Instead of sugar-laden options, pick snacks that are made from wholegrain and proteins for the perfect pick-me-up on between meals. This way you can instantly brew yourself a cup of Joe even if you have minutes before a meeting is about to start. 

Have a coffee snack station
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12. A smart system

No longer do speakers or home systems take up huge space or require extensive wiring. These days you can get a small-sized smart speaker capable of performing a variety of functions. You can set reminders for your meetings, get an instant response to a general query or even play some motivational music to keep you going. Often, working by yourself can seem dull and unsettling. Having a smart system in your office can be beneficial for your work while also giving you a bit of company. 

A smart system
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13. An accessible charging station

Chances are all your gadgets are being used simultaneously while working from home. To make sure you don’t miss an important text or meeting, make sure you have an accessible charging station compatible for all your devices. For minimum clutter, get a multi-purpose station that is compatible with different devices in one station. This way you can avoid excessive wires messing up your office space while also ensuring you never run out of battery at a critical moment. 

An accessible charging station
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