Watch these videos from the world of sports and go WOW

Sports are about competing, winning, and dominating. And then come these lighter moments! These are moments which will make you smile about the human side to our sporting heroes. Have a look at these ‘wow’ moments. 

If you thought Barcelona star, Lionel Messi is in God mode only during matches, think again! He’s no different during training. This video of him casually pulling a trick out of his bag will make you rub your eyes in disbelief.

Image Courtesy:
FutbolWorld - Twitter

What scares football players? A ball volleyed at them at 90mph? No. The mightiest of defender standing in their way? No. What scares them is a wasp! Yes, you read it right! Don’t believe it? Have a look for yourself. 

Image Courtesy:
FootyHumour- Twitter

If it’s about hitting the bull’s eye, expect the Raging Bull, Rafael Nadal, to do it with perfection. After one of his matches in the 2019 US Open, he was made a strange request — to hit the ball into the commentary box on the second level. Watch what happens next.

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SportsCenter- Twitter

Steve Smith’s bat strokes are as visually pleasing as his leaves are comical. No wonder he’s inspired a lot of spoofs this Ashes season. Watch and enjoy!

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Alex Hartley93 - Twitter