Watch these 5 shows to know what happens behind the scenes in a media house

Published on 03rd Mar 2021 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

We enjoy talk shows, political debates and stand-up acts on television as well as editorial columns in newspapers. What goes on in bringing these to us? What is life like for people behind the camera? What happens off-the-record? There are some great TV series’ that take you into what goes on behind the scenes in media houses. There is deception, laughter, and everything in-between. Watch these shows to find out what happens when the arclights are dimmed, and the dictaphone stops recording.  

1. The Loudest Voice

Roger Ailes scripted the creation and rise of Fox News. Was he a strategist, a megalomaniac, or just, a news monster? Catch Russell Crowe — the man who headlined the Academy award-winning A Beautiful Mind (2001) and Gladiator (2010), recreate the news mogul for the telly. A scathing look into the grey world of one of the world’s biggest news bossman! 

The Loudest Voice
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2. The Newsroom

A newsroom sees some new entrants. With it, comes a new style of working and a change in the moral compass. It turns the news anchor’s world upside down. A fantastic look at what happens behind the scenes when running, perhaps the biggest reality show on earth — news. 

The Newsroom
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3. State of Play

A teenager is murdered. Perhaps it’s drugs, or is it? Elsewhere, a political researcher is found dead. A newspaper investigative journalist working on both the crimes finds a link. What is it? Watch the State of Play for the sheer murkiness in the corridors between power and industry.

State of Play
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4. Sports Night

What is life like for people in the sports news space? Watch Sports Night for a behind-the-scenes take on a sports show. Mate, sports ain’t funny business!

Sports Night
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5. 30 Rock

A head writer of a sketch comedy show has to deal with an arrogant superior and a crazy new star. An eccentric meets a maverick meets the unpredictable; all this while attempting to create comedy on-screen. Brilliant performances, some insane lines, and lots of entertainment!

30 Rock
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