Vintage Vanity- Bringing back 50s, 60s and 70s Bollywood Fashion

Published on 09th Dec 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Go back to the golden era of grace and colour-popping style. Embrace the retro, the funky, the classy- all with our one and only vanity guide.

1. The fabulous 50s

The decade was an in-between for us – both as a nation and in terms of style to. Though our aesthetics were still influenced by the west, we were trying to carve our own identity.
This was an era of understated elegance. The saris were demure, puff sleeves were the rage and pants a novelty wear for women. The 50s were instrumental in cementing the position of a classic – the pearl necklace.
The key to the perfect glam of that era is the hairdo. Sweep your curls to one side, for a romantically innocent vibe and paint your lips darker, teasing of the flair you carry.

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2. KThe swinging 60s

The sixties were all about flamboyance and expression. From the beehive hairdo to the Sadhana cut, hairstyles were distinctive and hard to ignore.
The winged eyeliner and the figure-hugging churidhars were two souvenirs, cementing their positions as eternal style statements. The sixties also heralded cabaret on film; feathers, sequins, beads, cages – all of it.
Be a 60s siren with a bouffant, black elbow length gloves and shiny, slinky dresses. Team it up with the tiny box clutch, that’s back in vogue and a party essential now.

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3. The hip 70s

The seventies were a time for experimentation. The style was young and wild. Be it Zeenat Aman in Hare Rama Hare Krishna or Dimple Kapadia in Bobby, the 70s were path-breaking for fashion and the women were gorgeously uninhibited.
The chic disco sequins, the forehead bands, the choker – all from the 70s – have a place in the fashion Hall of Fame.
Channel your inner 70s queen with a pair of tinted, over-sized shades and bell-bottoms. And with flared pants making a bigger and brighter comeback, it’s time to start pouring through your mama’s boxed up wardrobe. Get ready to rock and roll.

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