Vijender Singh: The World Champion Boxer from Haryana

Published on 29th Oct 2018 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Born to a poor family in Haryana, Vijender Singh is the 1st Indian to become a professional boxer even after extreme financial circumstances. He’s also the 1st Indian boxer to win an Olympic medal. How he managed to achieve so much is truly an inspiartion. With such an interesting story to tell, lets know more about this talented and passionate boxing king: 

Vijender today gives the entire credit of his success to his elder brother(Manoj) who had a similar interest in boxing but couldn’t achieve anything due to family pressure. The very supportive Bade Bhaiya made sure Viju becomes a champ and would never hesitate to shed a single penny on him when it came to boxing

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And like its said, ‘Bhagwan sabka bhala karta hai’, Vijender found another blessing in the form of a coach who used to train Viju back when he joined Bhiwani Boxing School after graduation. Jagdish Singh, the coach says, Vijender is a bright student with a lot of caliber, who only needs the right training to outshine and become a champion

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Well, hard work does pay off. It did for Vijender too. He earned his 1st silver medal at the national level in the sub-junior category in 1997 and his 1st gold in 2000. And then, there was no stopping. He continued his boxing training after a lot of hardships and victories only to become the face of The Indian Youth Boxing in 2003

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Each day post that was a new win. Be it the one at Afro- Asian Games and the greatest achievement is winning one at the Beijing Olympics. Viju called it quits when he joined the Haryana poilce as the Deputy Superintendant of Police but that didn’t let him live happily

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Vijender today, is one of the finest boxers India has with a lot of medals and trophies from different tournaments. Apart from that, he also participated in a reality show and was a part of the film, Fugly too!

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