‘Unread’ – a moving film that makes you laugh and cry at the same time

Unread is a short film that keeps you longing for more. You’re so engrossed watching it that you don’t even realise it has no dialogues and colours. All credit goes to its brilliant storytelling. The message is clearly conveyed and every emotion is rightly felt. This silent movie leaves you speechless. It’s so amazing that in this era, a black and white movie can create such an impact. Hats off to the cinematographer for this fantastic piece of art! 

The story revolves around a street urchin, Dev (played by Mani). He wins your heart from the word go. This kid on the street gets bullied every day. Be it the policeman with a grey character (Tinnu Anand). Or the notorious gang of boys on the street. Nobody spares him. You feel sorry for Dev as he gets beaten up all the time. Yet, he wakes up every day to start afresh. He works hard with the hope of making a good living. And, one fine day, he finds a reason to smile. 

Unread short film
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Dev gets a letter from a girl (Roshni Walia). He is happy and excited to receive it. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know how to read. Illiteracy comes in the way of this chance friendship. Will this unread letter change his life forever? Will he ever be able to read it? As viewers, all we can do is hope! Meanwhile, Dev gets beaten up again as he tries to find out what’s written in the letter. It’s sad that not all kids get the privilege of education. Unread beautifully touches upon this harsh reality. 

Unread - A Silent Short FIlm
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One doesn’t need words to emote true feelings. The creative team of Unread has once again proved that silence has great power. In fact, the story would have been impactful even without its few intertitles. Directed and edited by Chakri Toleti, Unread offers a great cinematic experience. By the end of this 15-minute film, you realise you know many such Devs. You’ve always seen them on the roadside – working or sleeping. We’re sure they all have exciting stories to tell.

Unread - A Silent Short Film by Chakri Toleti
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