Unconventional Marathi movies that made the cut in 2018

Are you a fan of Marathi cinema? If yes, you must have noticed that it has been on a roll for quite a while now. And it shows no sign of stopping! Lately, Marathi films have been exploring fresh, unconventional stories across genres. The last year has seen some wonderful movie releases — from social commentary to historical drama, thrillers and more. 
Here are our favourite picks of 2018 that have been appreciated by audiences and critics alike:

1. Savita Damodar Paranjpe

: This movie is an absolutely compelling psychological thriller! It is an adaptation of a well-known play inspired by true events. It has intrigue, is dark in places and will make you cringe at times. The stellar star cast gives a gripping performance. And the story keeps the thrill intact, till the very end. A must watch!

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2. Farzand

We are used to biopics by now. What is uncommon is a movie retelling real historical events with the spotlight on an unsung braveheart. This historical drama is the story of Farzand, a general from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s army. It retells the story of how he and his 60 warriors conquered the Panhala fort. The film’s patriotic core has struck a chord with audiences across age groups.

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3. Naal

This movie of a happy-go-lucky boy is quite endearing. It’s a story of him getting to know a secret about his life and the way his world changes thereafter. It’s beautifully written and despite the scope for melodrama has very less of it. 

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4. Chumbak

This engaging, slice-of-life drama is guaranteed to lift your spirits. It has humour, drama and smart dialogues. The journey of protagonists Balu and Disco will keep you glued to your seats. And Swanand Kirkire is convincing in his portrayal of an innocent Prasanna Thombare.  A magnetic movie indeed!

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5. Raakshas

This fantasy thriller is as unconventional as a movie can get. It tries to merge fantasy with reality and succeeds gloriously. The enticing storyline, fantastic visuals and outstanding performances make this film unique. You absolutely have to watch it.

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