Tyrion's Twin and other Desi Doppelgangers

Strap yourself in to get your mind blown by these unbelievable pictures of our favourite celebrities with their exact lookalikes. The resemblances are so uncanny that it will leave you to wonder whether you have a doppelganger waiting for you somewhere as well.

1. Peter Dinklage AKA Tyrion Lannister and Tariq Mir

Tariq Mir recently got discovered by the internet due to his unbelievable resemblance to everyone’s favourite Hand of the Queen, Tyrion Lannister played by Peter Dinklage. 
He blew up on the internet after Ashley Rebello, the stylist for ‘Bharat’ shared a selfie with him on Instagram and the rest is history! 
Tariq is all set to visit us on the silver-screen with Salman Khan’s next film ‘Bharat’!

Tyrion Lannister's Desi Doppelganger Tariq Mir
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2. John Abraham and Mubashir Malik

It’s almost impossible to spot the difference between this duo and Mubashir sure can fool anyone with his undeniable similarity to John Abraham. 
Mubashir Malik is a British author and TV Broadcaster from Dubai and John Abraham has been known to have met him several times on different occasions! 

John Abraham with his look alike Mubashir Malik
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3. Ranbir Kapoor and Junaid Shah

Junaid Shah from Kashmir must’ve never imagined the kind of attention he would receive after pictures from his photo shoot went viral on the internet! 
His uncanny resemblance with the Bollywood heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor is mindboggling to say the least.

Ranbir Kapoor and his duplicate
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4. Anushka Sharma and Julia Michaels

It was not very long ago when the entire internet went nuts after discovering American singer Julia Michaels’ incredibly accurate resemblance to Anushka Sharma.
The girls did not ignore this viral trail and almost broke the internet when Anushka finally replied to Julia’s tweet saying “OMG YES! I’ve been looking for you and the remaining 5 our doppelgangers our whole life!”

Anushka Sharma and her doppelganger
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5. Alia Bhatt and Sanaya Ashu

Soon after the Internet was done going ga-ga over Anushka Sharma’s doppelganger, They found one for Alia Bhatt as well!
Sanaya Ashu came into the limelight with her uncanny similarity to Alia Bhatt in a video where she is re-enacting the dhoptungi dialogue from Gully Boy.

Alia Bhatt's Doppelganger Sanaya
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6. Saif Ali Khan

The internet could not wrap their head around this unbelievable resemblance between the Nawaab of Bollywood, Saif Ali Khan and this gas station employee, making the story go viral overnight!

Duplicate Saif Ali Khan
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7. Salman Khan and Najeem Khan

Salman Khan fans are known to go to extreme lengths to look like him but this fan has definitely come the closest!
 Najeem Khan is an aspiring actor from Afghanistan who shot to fame after receiving the opportunity to play young Salman Khan in Bajrangi Bhaijaan, all due to his uncanny resemblance to his idol!
It’s safe to say that he has made the dreams of many Salman fans come true!

Salman Khan with his look alike Najeem Khan
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8. Rajinikanth and Kannan Pillai 

And lastly, meet Kannan Pillai, the Rajinikanth lookalike who has built a career out of being a doppelganger!
Kannan Pillai not only runs his own website where he posts pictures of him dressed in different Rajinikanth looks but can also be spotted in many Television commercials, shows and even films!

Duplicate Rajinikanth
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