Turn on entertainment with a new Tata Sky connection

Published on 09th Dec 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Want to get a new TV connection? We are here to help! With TataSky, all you’ll get is 100% entertainment with a lot of additional benefits and amazing after-sale service. We have a lot to offer. Read on to know more:

1. Uninterrupted Entertainment Across Screens!

With TataSky connection, you get the maximum number of HD and regional channels with your subscription. This also gives you the liberty to choose and customize your own pack that you can watch anytime, anywhere, at any cost, across screens i.e Tv, mobile phones, tablets, etc.

Uninterrupted Entertainment Across Screens

2. We Speak The Way You Like It

And as we say this, we’re responsible if you have any concerns/complains regarding our service. TataSky is always available on calls (in 13 different languages), E-mails, Customer support chats and on our Social media platforms 24*7. Use the shortcuts on your remote or simply contact us

Tata Sky Customer Support

3. Double Dhamaal With 400+ Channels

Har channel ka maza lo. With TataSky Mobile App, you get to enjoy 400+ live channels and services. Also set it up across 10 different devices and use 2 of them simultaneously without any hassle of wires 

Double Dhamaal With 400+ Channels

4. Feel The Home theatre Experience

Enjoy the best quality pictures with TataSky that offers full HD view (4X sharper images). Along with the best view, get the experience of our superior Dolby Digital Surround Sound for Home theatre

Feel The Home theatre Experience

5. With 3D TV Capability

Not only this, we proudly say that our Set Top Box is also compatible with the 3D TV that you can connect with another TV (multi-TV connection), which means Double Mazza

3D TV Capability

6. You’ll Never Miss Out On Anything With Us

Worried about the missed episodes? You can use the record feature on your remote and watch the show of your choice anytime. 
We also have daily Catch up TV, +1 service for popular channels so you never miss out on your favourite shows  

Tata Sky Set Top Box Recording Feature

7. Move Anywhere, We’re With You!

We’re always here to help you. Each time you relocate your house, just give us a call and we shall set up your connection in no time

Tata Sky DTH Connection

8. Recharge Is Just A Click Away

To make the recharge process convenient, you can recharge via TataSky Mobile App or through www.mytatasky.com

Tata Sky Mobile App Recharge

9. Entertainment And Our Emergency Service Go Hand In Hand

With our daily recharge options, we’re available at your service within seconds. If you’re worried about your subscription getting over, use our emergency recharge option to resume the service.

Entertainment And Our Emergency Service Go Hand In Hand

10. Enjoy What You Love, Repeat

You can now enjoy our value-added services like TataSky Classroom, Beauty, Health, Music, Comedy, Theatre. Not only that, you can get 100% entertainment as you view these services on repeat.

Tata Sky Services

11. Get Entertained In The Language You Love

With TataSky, you can enjoy watching your favourite shows in the language of your choice. TataSky brings you the languages of Tamil, Telugu, Bhojpuri, Marathi, Bangla and Punjab

Get Entertained In The Language You Love

12. Because Parents Know What’s Right For You

With a feature of parental control, you can control the screen time for your kids. This feature also helps you restrict your kids to certain channels and concentrate on their homework when the time comes.

Parent Lock

13. Even A Gloomy Day Is Fun With Us

And like always, we’re always on our toes to innovate and bring in the best service for you. We've got a great network that reaches the remotest region of the country with the lowest connection outrage during rains. Read about it here.

Tata Sky DTH Connection

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