Trends that Kareena Kapoor has set

Published on 21st Sep 2018 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

From being the best actress of the industry to rocking a supercool mother look and from playing the role of a ‘Bhatinda ki Seekhdi’ to rocking a role of ‘Kalindi Puri’, Kareena can do it all. Apart from her blockbuster movie looks, Kareena is known for setting trends that no other actress has ever touched. Here are a few trends that Kareena set:

1. Blonde highlights


Kareena’s hair colour in Fida wasn’t what would like then, but she sure knows how to carry it in the most unique manner. After she got the highlights done, each individual wanted to get that look or should we say she started with the trend. Starting from Fida to Ki and Ka, Kareena has come a long way

Kareena Kapoor Khan
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2. Fancy wardrobe


Be it leather pants, sequence crop tops, furry scarfs in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham or shiny tops in Don, Kareena had it all. She’s mastered in carrying herself like a queen. She made us fantasize about her costumes, literally. Afterall, we all love Pooo

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3. Size Zero

Being a chubby Punjabi kudi, we never thought we’d see this transformation in Kareena. Only after she started flaunting her size zero look in Tashan, people went crazy and started started following the trendsetter. Oh, we mean Kareena!

Kareena Size Zero
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4. The pinky pout


With the perfect high cheekbones, Bebo pouts the best in Bollywood. No one can ever even try to compete with Begum because obviously, she’s the best!

Kareena Pout
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5. Bold makeup


Kareena being the brand ambassador for one of the biggest cosmetic giant, she was the one who started wearing white kajal and bold lip colours. With much ease she blazes it all

Kareena Makeup
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6. Pants with different patterns


Without a doubt, she’s the one who introduces us to all new fashion trends always! From Harem pants in Jab We Met to wearing those wide bottom pants for many promotional events, Kareena rocks it all

Kareena Fashion
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7. The cool mother


Usually to-be mothers don’t want to flaunt their baby bump because they thin they look too fat. Kareena on the other hand made it a trend by flaunting her bump in the coolest way ever. Forget about just gong out, she also walked a ramp when she was pregnant

Kareena Mother
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8. The no makeup airport look


Celebrities are always captured when at the airport for their travel looks. Bebo likes to keep it subtle with the most casual clothes and little or no makeup. Well, even with no makeup, she looks her personal best, always!

Kareena No makeup
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