Top Bollywood actors who are a carbon copy of their parents

Most of us are awestruck by the glamorous world of Bollywood. But, did you know that Bollywood is also filled with a lot of good looking superstar parents, who have successfully passed their fabulous genes to these star kids.
Here are some Bollywood superstars who look exactly like their parents!

1. Farhan Akhtar & Javed Akhtar

Mesmerizing the audience with their charisma and a generous amount of talent, this incredible father-son duo shares their oh-so-handsome looks as well! 

Farhan Akhtar with his father Javed Akhtar
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2. Sanjay Dutt & Sunil Dutt

Guess where our very own Sanju baba gets his dashing and well-built personality from?  None other than the iconic Sunil Dutt himself! This father-son duo is also famous for making a strong mark in the industry with their terrific acting skills.

Sanjay Dutt and Sunil Dutt
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3. Soha Ali Khan & Sharmila Tagore

The exquisite Soha Ali Khan is a wonderful reflection of the evergreen Sharmila Tagore without a second thought!

Soha Ali Khan with her mother Sharmila Tagore
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4. Ranbir Kapoor & Neetu Kapoor

Can’t get enough of Ranbir’s charming good looks? Blame it on the magnificent looks of the splendid Neetu Kapoor. The heart-throb of Bollywood is surely a carbon copy of his dearest mom!

Ranbir Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor
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5. Hrithik Roshan & Rakesh Roshan

Now we know, where this Greek god of Bollywood got his bewitching eyes from,  none other than the super director daddy-cool: Rakesh Roshan 

Hrithik Roshan and Rakesh Roshan
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6. Alia Bhatt & Soni Razdan

It’s hard to miss this alluring duo of mother and daughter. This star kid has achieved success in all aspects and now we know the secret behind Alia Bhatt ‘s angelic beauty as well.  Yes! She got it from her flawless mom.

Alia Bhatt with her mother Soni Razdan
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