Top 10 Things to do during Lockdown while at Home

Published on 06th Oct 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

The raging pandemic has everyone in self-quarantine. While officially the lockdown may have lifted, a lot of people have chosen to stay indoors to slow down the spread of this deadly virus.
Staying indoors day-in and day-out could drive anyone stir-crazy. As the situation shows no sign of slowing down, chances are outdoor activities will need to be held off a little longer.
To keep you occupied and even learn a few skills, we bring you the best things to do in lockdown.

1. Get fit

While gyms are still a no-go, you don’t have to worry about putting back those Kilos or losing muscle strength. Getting fit at home has never been easier with trained professionals coming to your screens. With Tata Sky Fitness you can explore a variety of wellness programmes designed by leading Indian and global experts.
Get access to practical and insightful programmes on Yoga, workouts, diet and nutrition. These power-packed 30-minute sessions are perfect to boost your health and rejuvenate you. Women and seniors can find specially created programmes along with inside news on celeb fitness secrets and the much-coveted interactive sessions with experts.

Get fit
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2. Have fun in your golden years

Seniors can enjoy time at home even without their daily gatherings at the park. The Tata Sky Seniors service is ideal for people in their golden years with prominent actors Amol Palekar and Zarina Wahab leading this service.
The wide variety of programmes offered here keep it fresh and refreshing day-after-day. Here, one can learn everything from using their smartphones to booking a cab and from using their cameras to capturing memorable moments. Financial planning, diet advice and Ayurvedic tips are just some of the other benefits of this service.

Have fun in your golden years
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3. Glam-up in style

With minimal sun and pollution exposure, this is the best time to care for your skin and try out new beauty looks. The art of subtle and bold make-up is one of the best skills you can learn at home. Get the hottest tips from experts that style Bollywood divas to stay in-trend.
Practice understanding tones, colours and the right brush strokes for the perfect look. Know which colours and products are perfect for your skin type and colour. Learn about skin care, leading grooming products, hairstyling tips and a lot more. The experts include Kavita Bhartia, Dr. Swati Maheshwari, Namrta Joshipura, Ambika Pillai and Anju Modi.

Glam-up in style
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4. Just dance

You don’t need the beats at the club to put on your dancing shoes. Simply tune in to Tata Sky’s Dance Studio and get your groove on. If you’re someone who’s not comfortable dancing in public, you can get access to the best dance lessons in the comfort and privacy of your home.
Learn from the leading choreographers as well as veterans such as Madhuri Dixit. With two new dances available daily, you can discover new skills to learn at home ranging from Salsa twists to Bollywood Thumkas.

Just dance
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5. Get vocal

A great vocabulary and confident communication are great assets for everyone. If you’re looking for things to do in lockdown, head over to the ‘Learn English’ service on Tata Sky. This is a great way for moms to spend time with their kids and learn a new skill together. The classes are held in Hindi and Telugu for easy understanding.
Among the language skills you can learn at home are grammar principles, vocabulary, written communication, pronunciation and common-place communications. By learning together, you can also practice through the day with each other – the best way to perfect any language.

Get vocal
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6. Speed up your mental maths

Are you always pulling up the calculator on your smartphone for even the simplest calculations? If numbers leave you in a daze, the Tata Sky Vedic Maths service is one of the best skills to learn during quarantine.
This 91-day programme offers Vedic Maths principles in an easy and practical manner. Follow along with these video tutorials and learn about 60 unique maths topics. Led by the Vedic Maths Forum 
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Speed up your mental maths
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7. Get smart about your career

Advancing at the workplace is more than just doing your job right. Everything from the way you dress, communicate and conduct yourself plays a role in how you are evaluated at work and in life. If you’re looking for new skills to learn at home be sure to tune in to the Tata Sky Smart Manager service.
Here you can find insightful advice on everything from grooming tips to workplace etiquette and important soft skills by experts. In 91 days, you can explore tips from subtle changes to bold manoeuvres that can put you on the fast-track to success. 
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Get smart about your career
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8. Be your own Master chef

When it comes to skills to learn at home, cooking is high up on the list, especially during the lockdown. With restaurants still being a high-risk area, a lot of people have been trying out their culinary skills in the kitchen. If you find yourself in unknown territory and baffled by the spices in your cabinets, head over to the Tata Sky Cooking service.
With over 700 delicious veg and non-veg recipes taught by kitchen icons from Tarla Dalal to Harpal Singh, there is something for everyone. Plan a date-night or a family celebration with delectable food items using simple home ingredients by tuning into Tata Sky Cooking.
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Be your own Master chef
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9. Bring out the drama queen in you

Whether you are someone who loves the world of acting as a hobby or are looking to be the next Bollywood superstar, Tata Sky Acting Adda service is the one for you. Learn from the leading names in the industry on various topics from personality development to speech refinement.
Receive tips directly from leading celebs as well as some of the biggest coaches in the industry. With this service your days in the shadows are over – it’s time to step into the spotlight.

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Bring out the drama queen in you
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10. Focus on family health

There are numerous options available for skills to learn at home. However, one skill that will benefit you and your family is knowing and implementing good health tips. The Tata Sky Family Health service brings to you practical and authentic health-related information to keep yourself and your family healthy.
There is a variety of information available here about diabetes, cancer, pregnancy, heart health and a lot more. Along with information about these conditions, you can also find advice and guidance on common health concerns such as cold and flu allergies.
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Focus on family health
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