The top 10 Indian Web Series According To IMDb

Published on 02nd Feb 2021 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

After a never-ending, presumably hectic week, you’ve finally crossed over. Welcome to the weekend. This is your chance to spend two days absolutely relaxing and unwinding. An added bonus is cuddling on the couch and binge watching a few of your favourite shows. Surely you’ve been there. When you think of what you would like to binge watch from this extensive selection, it's a tough choice! To save you the trouble of browsing through the numerous options, here’s a list of the top 10 Indian web series IMDb. Oh! the numbers of 1-8 are rated MA, so you might want to keep the doors and blinds shut!

1. Mirzapur (2018-)

Aaah! Mirzapur. Where do we even begin? Everyone has been or are still talking about this with such high praise. Of course, as the name says, it has been primarily shot in Mirzapur, UP. And some other locations around itself. Now without prying open the details, the show comprises drugs, guns, murders, and lawlessness. There is a chaotic control of the underworld present as well, so you can pretty much imagine the pace of the plight here. This has, without a doubt, made it on the IMDb best Indian web series list.

1.	Mirzapur (2018-)
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2. TVF Pitchers (2015)

Next up on the top 10 Indian web series IMDb is TVF Pitchers. You have seen their faces make you smile from their sketches and shorts on YouTube. This show brings to light epiphanies of the youth watching their lives whir past them. Imagine if someone disliked their job so much and resigned after a drunken conclusion. Four friends decide to quit their jobs and create their own start-up, dealing with the challenges that come along creating a new sense of hope for the developing youth of the country. There is a word that the English show Entourage was their inspiration.

2.	TVF Pitchers (2015)
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3. Sacred Games (2018-)

This is a gripping show to make it on the list of top 10 Indian web series IMDb. During the intriguing scenes, you’ll find yourself yelping off your seat and chewing your food quite slowly in suspense. This show is based on a novel written in 2006 by Vikram Chandra. Prepare yourself to make notes on hints from the past shown in the current times. Parallels run across the show, which keeps the premise quite gripping as you delve into the past of an underworld crime boss, and a current-day police officer decoding hints his envious superiors cannot even think of.

3.	Sacred Games (2018-)
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4. Kota Factory (2019)

This show is about the present-day problems that faze the IIT-JEE aspirants. It is also in black and white, and in a comedy setting, so get your retro self out and laugh your socks off. Fans received both this and TVF Pitchers very well, making it to the top 10 Indian web series IMDb. In comparison with the other shows, both of these boast a rating of 9.0 and 9.1, respectively.

4.	Kota Factory (2019)
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5. Special Ops (2020-)

This show focuses on Himmat Singh, a member of the Research and Analysis Wing who figures out a pattern between several terrorist attacks, with his team of five agents spread across various parts of the world to catch one mastermind behind it all. This true story is based on events of the 2001 Parliament attack, around finding and catching the sixth terrorist who people didn’t believe existed. With every detail very minutely stringed, you’ll be on the edge of your seat throughout this show. After a few binge-worthy episodes, you’ll see why this show made it onto the top 10 Indian web series IMDb list.

5.	Special Ops (2020-)
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6. Asur: Welcome To Your Dark Side (2020-)

This show is a story based on a forensic-expert-turned-teacher who returns to the CBI. While he’s playing a cat and mouse chase game to capture the bad guy, a killer, he’s also trying to keep his marriage from falling apart. You can expect a combination of suspense, mythology and thrill. This series, along with the journey it takes you through, helps this show feature in the top 10 Indian web series IMDb.

6.	Asur: Welcome To Your Dark Side (2020-)
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7. Paatal Lok (2020-)

    This series was created by Clean Slate Filmz, Anushka Sharma’s production house, and it was their first digital venture. 
The plot revolves around a disillusioned cop who lands the case of an assassination attempt of a journalist. While in his pursuit, he discovers nothing is as it seems, and there are bigger powers at play. Slowly, he gets dragged into the darker realms of the Paatal Lok (translated to netherworld). Not much can be said beyond this. It’s one of the best Hindi web series IMDb with 9 parts to it that you can easily binge watch over the weekend.

7.	Paatal Lok (2020-)
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8. Breathe (2018-)

“How far will you go to protect the one you love?” – This is all the story asks you. In both the seasons so far, two desperate and driven men must drive to the farthest lengths to do whatever it takes to save their loved ones.
From the story and performance to the background score and dialogues, what captivates one’s attention is the way the criminal goes after their victims. Aside from its gripping storyline, this show was one of the first-ever Indian crime-thrillers to release on Amazon Prime Video. 
This is another show that promises yet another exciting ride. 

8.	Breathe (2018-)
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9. The Family Man (2019-)

This edgy action-drama series follows a man, Srikant (Manoj Bajpai),  who works in Threat Analysis and Surveillance Cell (TASC) at an intelligence agency in Mumbai. While his day-to-day tasks involve nabbing, interrogating, shooting and sleuthing terrorists, since his job entails national security, it demands secrecy. He gives in and maintains his position a secret to his family. On one side, Srikant is a nervous wreck on the phone dodging the questions his wife asks, and on the other side, he's deciphering the modus operandi of a terrorist organisation.     
Other than a thrilling story, the interjected humour adds a feeling of lightheartedness. 

9.	The Family Man (2019-)
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10. Four More Shots Please (2019-)

A story that revolves around four very different women, a lawyer and divorced mother, a bisexual gym trainer, an investigative journalist and an aimless, single child who fight their own individual battles and tackle what life throws at them. Their strong bond is what helps them get through each day. While the show has a lot going on, the essence of the story is female friendship and the bond between women and friends. 
With a steady story line, it’s a great watch to forget all your woes. What will catch your eye is the gorgeous outfits, the stunning locations and the big-city life. 
When you watch this trending show, throw all your judgements out of the window and just sit back, relax and enjoy this unapologetic show. Don’t forget to raise a toast to the girls when you begin season 2

10. Four More Shots Please (2019-)
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