Times when Dhinchak Pooja took over the Internet!

Controversy’s child and Internet sensation Dhinchak Pooja has come a long way from garnering million views on YouTube to entering Bigg Boss 11 as a contestant. Here’s a look at times where she made the Internet loose its calm.

1. Pooja Jain, better known as Dhinchak Pooja, made vibes in social media with her first YouTube video titled ‘Swag wali Topi’. The song, which is about her favourite cap, has more than 4 million views today!
2. Her next tryst with fame was when she releasaed ‘Selfie maine le li aaj’, a song where she sings about her obsession with selfies. Probably her most popular song till date, it has 28 Million views on YouTube.

3. Apart from being viral on the internet, the song also inspired lot of roast videos from other youtubers. These youtubers also gained lot of good viewership when they made content on the cringe pop queen. A particular youtuber with the name of ‘CarryMinati’ who is known for his funny roasts, has more than four Million views on a video he made about a Dhinkchak Pooja song.

4. Once famous, a person has lot of gossips and speculations circling about them. And the same was for Dhinkchak Pooja as articles speculating about her earnings and calling her ‘lakhpati’ flooded the internet. Some websites even gave a number to her earnings!

5. Recently, twitter went through a storm as the news of Dhinchak Pooja entering Bigg Boss 11 became official.
6. Her latest song titled ‘Fatima Afreen Bewafaa hai’ was released just recently and has already received over 1 million views!
7. Her latest stint with controversy is the proposal from a fellow contestant on Bigg Boss 11 and as usual, Twitter is exploding on this.


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