Three cheers for the Bhartiya naari!

The stronger the people, the stronger the country. And strength isn’t always a measure of people’s muscle power. Indian women are exuding strength with their unwavering grit. There are many firsts attributed to them. Be it sports, space explorations, transport systems, or any other field – they are making India shine brighter. About time we applaud some of their achievements.

1. Flying high

Indian women have created history in the aviation sector. India has the maximum women pilots in the world. They’re flying passenger and fighter planes, certainly stretching their limits beyond the sky. Not surprisingly, the first all-women crew to fly around the world was from India in March 2017. Air India’s crew flew a Boeing 777 from New Delhi to San Francisco and back.

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2. Bringing about world peace

India boasts of the first all-woman police unit in UN peacekeeping history. 125 women peacekeepers were a part of the UN Mission in Liberia (UNMIL). These women served in the war-torn region of Liberia for nine years. A big salute to these agents of change!

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3. Managing snail mail

A common joke is that the fastest way to spread news is to share it with a woman. And Indian women are proving it right, literally. All-women post offices have been set up across the country including Delhi, Mumbai, Vishakhapatnam and Jamshedpur.

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4. Keeping track of everything

India’s all-women teams are setting records in rail transport systems. From selling tickets to handling train operations and security – they are managing it all. Currently, women are wholly running railway stations in Jaipur (Rajasthan) and Matunga (Mumbai). Many such teams are being formed across India.

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5. Sailing through deep waters

An all-women naval crew is out to make history by circumnavigating the globe. The crew on INSV Tarini began their eight month voyage in September 2017. This impressive expedition is the first such attempt from Asia. A big shout-out to these six ladies!

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