Things you didn’t know about Kala Ghoda Festival 2018

With the intent to preserve and maintain the heritage and district art, Mumbai has come up with its most awaited art event –‘Kala Ghoda Art Festival’. Started in 1998, the festival is based on a new theme each year. And this year, Kala Ghoda has become ‘Hara Ghoda’ because it’s all about GOING GREEN this time!

1. History of Kala Ghoda

‘Kala Ghoda’ is a famous area located near ‘Jahangir Art Gallery’ in Mumbai. In 18th century philanthropist ‘Albert Abdullah David Sassoon’ along with Jewish businessman built a statue of ‘King Edward VII’ sitting on a horse. The statue was made from black stone after King Edward. Hence the name of the place, Kala Ghoda.

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2. ‘Spirit of Kala Ghoda’

In 1965, all the statues of British rulers from prominent places were removed from across the city, hence the original ‘kala ghoda’ was moved to the Byculla zoo. In 2017, the ‘Kala Ghoda’ returned to the area with a new statue of a similar looking horse without a rider, being commissioned by the Kala Ghoda Association. The statue, titled ‘Spirit of Kala Ghoda’ was designed by architect Alfaz Miller and sculpted by Shreehari Bhosle.

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3. A guide for all the food lovers out there

All the food lovers who also love to cook, now is your time. The art festival has a variety of food stalls to explore that serves some amazing food. It also has lined up a few workshops by famous chefs who will surprise you with their magic of cooking with exotic Indian veggies. Who wouldn’t want to try it?

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4. Take a walk

Eating and more eating! That’s what we do when we see good food. For those of you who do not want to feel bloated after stuffing, you just got saved with The Heritage Walk! The focus here is to take you around the heritage corners of Bombay, walking or biking right from The Horniman Circle gardens, originally known as Bombay Green to the tree-lined Mumbai streets that will make you fall in love with the city, all over again. It’s totally worth taking a walk here, we must say.

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5. It’s all about art and literature

Take a walk through the antique art installations at the event. The event also exhibits installations of artists who present their sculptures there. The place also displays wide range of books that you’ll love. This is the section where your literature dreams come true. That’s an opportunity like no other to come across your favourite books and authors. So if you’re someone who loves reading and appreciates art, this is the place for you. Because Art > Everything.

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6. Groove a little

The stage at the sacred ground of Cross Maidan has a number of dance performances lined up each day. What’s so special about it? It’s the performances of the Indian as well as the international artists performing on various dance forms under the sky that grabs major attention, making you want to groove along.

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7. Mothers go carefree, it keeps the children entertained too

Who can save the planet from the clutches of decay better than children? The art festival has workshops that help children build a green bond with the planet wherein kids get to create a face for ‘Gaia’ or ‘Earth’ using elements like soil, paints, flowers and pebbles. It promises a fun adventure for your little ones.

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8. Music and cinema lovers, you are invited too

If you’re a lover of classics, you HAVE to attend the musical performances by artists who bring together people who share the common language of music. And movie screenings? Well, all of us have dreamt of attending one! You can also catch few of the most popular films ever seen, at this festival. All the more reason to visit, isn’t it?

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