These unmissable Chulbul Pandey memes will leave you in splits

Bhaijaan, known for his solid dialogue delivery, is all set to win hearts with his upcoming movie Dabangg 3. The trailer itself is full of power-packed punchlines and one-liners. Memesmiths hosted a memefest right after the release of the trailer. Take a look at these hilarious memes.

You don’t need language ‘cause you two are fluent in telepathy

The Dabangg 3 meme crazy idea

“But he’s just my friend.. Yaa”

The Dabangg 3 meme 2
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Prayansh Ratan - Twitter

When you realize your whole life has been a lie

The Dabangg 3 meme engineer
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Kaushal Kishor - Twitter

That’s the way.. Maahi way!

The Dabangg 3 meme maahi
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Prashant_7 - Twitter

Flying chappal.. Coming your way

The Dabangg 3 meme flying chappal
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Chulbul Radhe - Twitter

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction

The Dabangg 3 meme Einstein and Newton
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Gumnam - Twitter

 Mom.. Please! 

The Dabangg 3 meme 7
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Djwalebabu - Twitter

Hoodie baba.. Winter is coming and so is the movie..

The Dabangg 3 meme hood hood Dabangg
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Mohit Ghune - Twitter

Swag se karenge bhai ka swagat

The Dabangg 3 meme Swagat
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Mujhpar ek ehsaan karna ki mujhpar koi ehsaan mat karna

The Dabangg 3 meme Thanos
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Ashutosh Singh - Twitter

Dabangg 3 trailer out  
Einstein to Hawking and Newton: Mereko toh aisa dhak dhak horela hai…

The Dabangg 3 meme Einstein, Hawking and Newton
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In case you missed the trailer, watch it here.