These movies prove that SJ Surya knows it all! The many shades of SJ Surya

Published on 09th Dec 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

SJ Surya is no stranger to Kollywood, Bollywood and the Telugu film industry. He has been in showbiz for over three decades and is called one of India’s most versatile artistes. Surya can act, sing, write songs and stories, direct and produce films, compose music...and what not!  Let’s have a look at some of his works. 

1. Puli

This 2010 Telugu action film was Surya’s dream project, which he wrote and directed. AR Rahman’s music and Binod Pradhan’s camerawork won audiences over. 

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2. Spyder

Simultaneously shot in Tamil and Telugu, Spyder saw Surya, Mahesh Babu and Rakul Preet Singh impress viewers with their acting chops. Surya’s performance as a psychotic serial killer was especially appreciated in this thriller. 

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3. Mersal

This is another movie where Surya pulled off a negative role with finesse. A power-packed cast and AR Rahman’s mesmerising music made this action-thriller a commercial hit. 

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4. Isai

It’s safe to say this is Surya’s most ambitious project ever. He wrote, directed, acted in and also composed the music for Isai! The musical thriller received both critical acclaim and commercial 

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5. Monster

Surya plays a compassionate man who values all living beings. He follows his principle of ahimsa even with the rat who enters his life as a ‘monster’! Their goofy encounters leave the viewers in splits. Kudos to Surya (and to the rat) for impeccable comic timing! 

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