These hilarious replies by the super dancer Raghav Juyal to his followers will make you roll on the floor laughing.

The Mountain Boy Raghav Juyal is known for his bomb dance moves, happy go lucky nature & charming looks. However, he is mostly known for the funny antics and banter he’s good at pulling off on a daily basis; be it taking place on TV or online.
Check out a few of his hilarious replies to his fans which will definitely give you more than just giggles.


Yeh ek reply, jiski keemat only the fan knows.

Confession- We all have done something like this once in a while but I guess we are just not lucky enough to get such awesome reactions.  

Raghav Juyal's Ek reply
This golden Chai-Pakoda bond with his fan is everything !!!

We all know when hunger strikes you got to beat it down But when you’re Raghav you just have to slide into your fans DM and ask.

Raghav Juyal's Chai Pakoda
Here is one hell of a Make-A-Wish moment!

This request from his fan with PUBG Plague is so bizarre but Raghav's reply to him is on fleek!

Raghav Juyal's Pubg Reply
With great responsibility comes great risk too, such as this!!!

I mean JUST look at this post guys.

Raghav Juyal's Bluff with Fans
But such nuisance did not stop him and the saga continued…
Raghav Juyal
Oh last but not the least;

This fan who is seriously giving us major “end of the month” vibes. We all know a friend like this one.

Raghav Juyal's reply on paytm