These alternatives for banned Chinese Apps will help you get your work done.

It’s safe to say that when the Ministry of Information Technology decided to ban Chinese apps, a lot of us were torn apart. On one hand, we had some of our favourite apps disappearing from our lives indefinitely and on the other, it was a small step we had to take to stand by our country. 

However, banning these apps is not the end of the world. There are infinite Chinese app alternatives that can be used now that the others are indefinitely unavailable to us. 

1. TikTok

Tiktok had become everyone’s go-to entertainment app and saviour during the lockdown period of this year. With not a lot to do, we found ourselves indulging in cringey entertainment provided by this app. A lot of people had even been using this app as an added source of income. Therefore, the disappointment was universal when we found out that TikTok was on that banned app list. However, Triller is a great TikTok alternative that allows you to continue creating similar content and to keep yourself entertained for hours. 

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2. Shein

As hard as it was to say goodbye to TikTok, Shein may have been the hardest app to let go of. To all the girls reading this, we know how you feel. Shein had become a go-to shopping app for women’s fast fashion needs that were fulfilled within days. With a new set of designs out everyday, it was the perfect destination for parties, beach, and lazy-day clothing needs. However, there is no more need to mourn over the loss especially when we have some amazing Shein alternatives. Websites such as Myntra and Urbanic provide a variety of designs for you to use from and indulge in a little bit of retail therapy for yourself. 

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3. CamScanner

CamScanner was the perfect app for you to easily scan and share documents with. Who knew it was a Chinese based app? Adobe Scan is a great CamScanner alternative. It acts as the perfect substitute for when you need to scan a document and quickly share it with your peers. Available for Android and Apple users, you need to get this substitute ASAP!

Adobe Scan
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4. Shareit & Xender

Shareit was a great app to send across heavy files for work and school. Google Drive is the perfect Shareit alternative app that allows speedy and hasslefree transfer of movies, images, documents, and a lot more! It is also a great Xender alternative for you to opt for. 

Google Drive
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5. UC Browser

Our very own Google Chrome is a great UC browser alternative to surf the net. Google Chrome, developed by Google, is available on all platforms and offers speedy access across the web. 

Google Chrome
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6. Parallel Space

Parallel Space was a unique app that allowed you to operate two accounts on a single Android device. It offered a kind of space where you could run apps independently in order to access two accounts, simultaneously. However, this app is not so unique that there exists no Parallel Space alternative. App Cloner is a great substitute that comes with similar features and is available for you to use freely in India. 

App Cloner
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7. Beauty Plus

No matter how much we’d like to deny it, we are all guilty of having used Beauty Plus at some point or the other. Snow is an amazing beauty plus alternative app that allows you to make the tiniest of changes to get the perfect selfie!

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