These 5 top-notch Tamil horror-thrillers will keep you at the edge of your seat!

Published on 09th Dec 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Horror-thriller is one of the most-revered movie genres, globally. The suspense and the unexpected spine-chilling moments keep us at the edge of our seats as we try to gather our bearing.
Among the Indian film industries, Kollywood has been known to produce some of the finest horror-thrillers in the country. Here we give you a low-down on some of them:

1. Aval (2017)

A couple lead a happy and peaceful life in the mountains. But as a family moves in next door, their life turns upside down. The rebellious teenager of the new family unintentionally invites bloodthirsty spirits, disrupting the lives of everyone around her. 

Aval (2017)
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2. Bhagamathie (2018)

An honest IAS officer has been imprisoned in a haunted house for interrogation. However, things go from bad to worse when she gets possessed by a spirit. The unravelling of the plot makes the movie worth-watching.

Bhagamathie (2018)
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3. Game Over (2019)

A game designer has post-traumatic stress disorder and a chronic fear of the dark. A serial killer is on the loose and enters her house wreaking havoc. Does she become his next victim? 

Game Over
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4. Athiran (2019)

A psychiatrist visits a mental asylum for inspection, which seems to have only five residents. However, there is a sixth patient who’s locked up. But does she need to be? You will know as the movie unravels her past.

Athiran (2019)
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5. Aruvam (2019)

A food safety officer is murdered when he shuts down outlets selling adulterated food. His murder sets off a new chain of events where his girlfriend starts killing those involved in his murder. But is it really her? Watch the movie to find out.   

Aruvam (2019)
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