The Times Are A Changing

Born on May 24th, in Duluth, Minnesota – Robert Allen Zimmerman, also known as Bob Dylan, is an American singer-songwriter. With a unique voice, brilliant knack for a good tune and undertones of society and world politics – his music has been a definitive source of inspiration for generations. Here’s a look at his life and his best work that has achieved legendary status.

1. First Recording Deal

At age 20, Bob Dylan signed his first-ever record deal. Driven by the influences of pop stars such as Elvis Presley and Little Richard, his first album – simply titled Bob Dylan – contained only two original songs. Over the next few years, he would go on to release many iconic songs that are still on any folk rock lover’s playlist, even today.

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2. The Times They Are-a Changing

First released in 1964, and a song considered by many to be his finest ever – The Times They Are-A Changing is a song with heavy socio-political undertones. Influenced by the times and the world around him, Bob Dylan pushed himself into mainstream public consciousness with this track, and its still on playlists to this day!

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3. Like A Rolling Stone

In 1965, Bob Dylan returned from tour in England, harrowed and tired. With his mind on the experience he had at a young age, he wrote the lyrics to a seminal song – Like A Rolling Stone. Everyone remembers the track for its brilliant, confrontational lyrics and fantastic music composition – even today.

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4. Mr. Tambourine Man

First released on the album ‘Bringing It All Back Home’, Bob Dylan’s Mr. Tambourine Man was an instant hit among the masses. A song that has since been covered by more artists than we can count on both hands, Mr. Tambourine Man is a track we can hear on loop for days on end.

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5. Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat

Like many of his songs from this period, Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat had lyrics that were surreal, paired with electric blues and Bob Dylan’s unique voice. While not as famous as the aforementioned songs, this one remains a favourite of Bob Dylan fans worldwide.

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