Teachers Whose Classes You Would Never Bunk!

Here is a list of the most amazing teachers from some of our favourite movies that have won our hearts just like the ones in real life.

1. Mr Keating from Dead Poets Society:
Legendary Robbin Williams plays John Keating, a teacher with the most rational and realistic life lessons and outside-the-box approach. What a brilliant way to start class with ripping out textbook pages, eh?

2. Kabir Khan from Chak De India:
Who can teach you to be a winner and value it better than someone who has been there, done that and lost it all? SRK plays Kabir Khan, a man whose only shot at a respectful life is coaching the women’s hockey team and earning them victory.

3.Ra’s Al Ghul in Batman Begins:
Although an antagonist, Ra’s Al Ghul trains Bruce Wayne both physically and mentally. He channels the aggression in the young Bruce into a powerful force and teaches the art of theatricality. Talk about starting your day with practicing sword fight on ice, not bad.

4. SRK in Mohabbatein:
What happens when feelings collide with duty & chaos collides with structure? This is a dilemma that SRK solves in the lives of young students who cross barriers to win the hearts of the girls they love.

5. Aman Verma from Sir (1993):
Naseeruddin Shah plays Aman, a college teacher who despite heavy odds helps a stammering girl that is the daughter of a famous gangster and shelters her from gang rivalries.

6. Amitabh Bachchan from Black (2005):
Sir Bachchan plays Debraj Sahai, a man charged with an impossible task of teaching a blind and deaf child. The child goes on to get her academic qualification and bears immense gratitude for her teacher.

7. Dewey Finn from School of Rock:
A substitute teacher teaches rock and turns a bunch of misfits into ear-popping, glasses breaking, fiery jamming rock band.

8. Naseeruddin Shah in Iqbal (2005):
Iqbal takes cricket lessons from Mohit, an alcoholic who was once a cricketing legend. Despite Mohit’s concerns, the deaf and mute Iqbal’s passion helps him make his dreams come true.

9. Aamir Khan in Taare Zameen Par:
How do you teach a challenged child to read and write? Such is the question that Aamir Khan, as an Art & Crafts teacher faces.

10. Dumbledore from Harry Potter:
How about having one of the most powerful wizards as your friend and mentor in a world full of threats? Apart from the teacher-student dynamic, Harry and Professor Dumbledore share a deeper connection and face the odds together.

11. Juhi Chawal and Shabana Azmi in Chalk N Duster:
The two teachers in this movie Vidya and Jyoti see not only good grades but also moral values as their only reward.


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