Tata Sky Services that will make your day while you're working from home.

Published on 08th Dec 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Now that everyone is either working from home or spending their holidays at home away from the worries of studying, let's talk about how to make it productive and fun for the whole family. Though, at first it might sound like an enticing deal to not have to wake up early or the thought of being able to work in the comfort of your pajamas, the social distancing aspect of this will cause boredom to many. That's why you need to keep yourself busy with activities along with your work to keep yourself focused and also make the most of this time. Tata Sky has a host of services that the whole family can take advantage of. Let's take a look at these services.

1. How to keep the kids indoors?

From quizzes in Tata Sky Classroom to interesting learning exercises in Tata Sky Fun Learn that will improve their vocabulary your kids will never think of going out, and if they still do, we have an extensive range of games in Tata Sky Smart Games will make sure your kids are entertained for hours while also building up their logic and reasoning skills. Moreover, if they accumulate enough points in Tata Sky Fun Learn and Tata Sky Smart Games, they even stand a chance to win free toys and goodies.

 Indoor Games for Kids
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2. Learn something new

Tata Sky has the biggest selection of tutorials and tips for a wide range of applications. You can learn about how to improve your family's health with Tata Sky Family Health, learn new beauty tips and hacks with Tata Sky Beauty, learn new recipes with Tata Sky Cooking, spend quality time with your family while learning new dance moves with Tata Sky Dance Studio, stay fit at home with Tata Sky Fitness, or learn how to calculate the number of days you've spent at home more effectively with Tata Sky Vedic Maths. There's something for everyone. 

Indoor Exercise
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3. Stay entertained

Tata Sky has one of the most diverse collections of content that will keep you hooked for hours. Watch Hollywood movies dubbed in your language at Tata Sky Hollywood Local, watch latest Bollywood movies with Tata Sky Bollywood Premiere, watch mesmerizing new theatre performances at Tata Sky Theatre, order latest movies with Showcase and watch them all day any time you want, discover amazing short films with Tata Sky ShortsTV, stay entertained all day with Tata Sky Music all day. Tata Sky is your one-stop destination for discovering new and old content alike.

Indoor Entertainment Idea
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4. Getting in touch with your roots with local content.

Regional movies have a home at Tata Sky where our viewers can find movies in their regional languages at the press of a button. Find a diverse range of movies at Tata Sky Tamil Cinema, Tata Sky Telugu Cinema, Tata Sky Kannada Cinema, Tata Sky Gujarati Cinema, Tata Sky Punjabi Cinema, Tata Sky Marathi Cinema, Tata Sky Bangla Cinema, and Tata Sky Bhojpuri Sanima with new content being added regularly.

Watch Regional Movies
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5. Time for spirituality

Why go out when spirituality can be attained at your home? Tata Sky brings Tata Sky Darshan, Tata Sky  Aradhana, and Tata Sky Ibaadat to your home.

Read Spiritual Book
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