Surprise! These legendary singers have lent their voice in Bhojpuri cinema too

Published on 26th Oct 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Is there a particular genre of music that you associate with Udit Narayan or Alka Yagnik? Well, these legends prove their prowess with every song that they sing. Give them any song in any language – it’ll certainly become a chartbuster! But hey, did you that they’ve sung superhit songs in Bhojpuri too? Surprised? Wait, there’re more surprises awaiting you. Read on to know some celebrated singers who’ve lent their voice in Bhojpuri cinema. 

Lata Mangeshkar

The exceptionally talented Lata Mangeshkar has sung in most Indian languages, if not all. Be it any language or genre, her songs always touch our heart. The living legend has been associated with Bhojpuri cinema since its inception. She sang several songs, including the title track, for the first Bhojpuri film Ganga Maiyya Tohe Piyari Chadhaibo. ‘Kaanha tori bansi’ from the movie Ganga is among the many iconic Bhojpuri songs sung by Lata Ji. 

Lata Mangeshkar's Bhojpuri Songs
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Asha Bhosle

Known for her soprano voice range, melody queen Asha Bhosle has sung in over 20 languages. She has been acknowledged by the Guinness Book of World Records for being the most recorded artist in music history! Her work is admired by a wide range of music lovers, including those in Bhojpuri cinema. Some of her popular Bhojpuri songs are ‘Bada pareshan ki hasre’ and ‘More hothwa se nathuniya’ from the Bhojpuri film Dangal. 

Asha Bhosle
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Udit Narayan

If we’re talking about Bhojpuri songs, it’s impossible to miss out our Bihari babu, Udit Narayan! His singing style is so pleasing that you feel like smiling every time you listen to his songs. ‘Pyar ke chan’, ‘Mitwa re mitwa’ and ‘Milal na ab tak’ are among the many Bhojpuri hits sung by Udit Ji. His songs have a huge fanbase, especially in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand and southern Nepal. Owing to his contribution in Bhojpuri cinema, Udit Ji was conferred with the Chitragupta Cineyatra Samman in 2015. 

Indian playback singer Udit Narayan
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Sonu Nigam

Song Nigam – singer, composer, actor and host – is a powerhouse of talent. Other than singing in multiple languages, he sings in multiple voices too. He’s often regarded as the ‘Lord of Chords’, and rightly so! When it comes to versatility in singing, Sonu is par excellence! He has been credited with many superhit songs in Bhojpuri cinema. ‘Gori chunri rangwalu’ and ‘Chanarma mein daag’ are some of them. 

Singer Sonu Nigam
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Alka Yagnik

Not many people know that Alka Yagnik started singing for Akashvani at the age of six! Owing to her sweet voice, she’s often regarded as a ‘honey-voiced singer’. Perhaps this is why Alka Ji’s romantic tracks strike a chord with every (music) lover. She has given many solo and duet hits in Bhojpuri cinema. ‘Ae chanda mama’, ‘Kukeli koiliya’ and ‘Na ja chhod ke’ are some of her popular Bhojpuri songs. 

Alka Yagnik
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Shreya Ghoshal

Shreya Ghoshal’s melodious voice always leaves us spellbound. She recorded her first solo Bhojpuri song ‘Bhola baba aayil teej tyohaar’ in 2003. Since then, she has sung many songs in the regional language. ‘Suna suna’ from the movie Deswa, her duet with Sonu Nigam, has been widely appreciated by all. It has significantly changed people’s perception about Bhojpuri music and cinema. 

Shreya Ghoshal Bhojpuri Songs
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