The Superb artists of #SulaFest2018

How do you kickstart a year with a party that includes your buddies, good music, food and a camp for your stay? It’s simple, you go to Sula Fest. With international artists on the DJ desk, vineyard as the venue, and some delicious food, the SulaFest gave people #AGlassFullOfMusic. Read on to learn how!

1. Composer, Singer, Instrumentalist, Lyricist—the man with many titles, Amit Trivedi rocked the main stage at SulaFest! Amit has composed for movies such as DevD, Wake up Sid, Queen, Udta Punjab, and he spread the same magic at Sula Fest.
2. The band that plays both acoustic and electric guitar, the Crystal Fighters made the audience dance and sing to their beats of their drums and made it a memorable night.

3. A young DJ from the happening city of Bangalore, Tanvi Bajaj has performed in plenty of clubs across the country and made lots of fans. She added her charm too at Sula Fest 2018.
4. Earning the nickname “the Beast from the East”, DJ Sanjay Dutta’s career took off in 1990 in the clubs of Kolkata. Featuring in almost every major music festival of India, Sanjay Dutta added his mixes at Sula Fest too!
5. The Paris based DJ Kiwistar, who won Electro Swing Awards consecutively for three years, was at Sula Fest 2018 and we have to say this, his electro swing jazzy funky music brought about a completely different experience.
6. The artists made people groove to their music and the ambience made the festive vibe truly kick in. Sula Fest 2018 was as beautiful as it was groovy.
7. The Atmasphere stage was a different visual altogether! Even in the dim lighting, we could see hands in the air and people lip-syncing some iconic songs of their favourite artists.
8. Sula Fest 2018 made everyone truly have #AGlassFullOfMusic.
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