Super 30 actor Mrunal Thakur shares her fitness secrets

Published on 26th Oct 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Super 30 actor Mrunal Thakur shares her fitness secrets. Read on and get inspired!

1. Do you follow the same fitness regimen that you followed during your television career or did you change it before entering movies?

Initially when I started my television career, I was not into fitness. But then, I realised that it’s very important to look fit in front of the camera because it adds ten pounds after all. 

I was offered to play the role of a 17-year-old girl in the movie Love Sonia. And I had to lose weight for the role. My day would start with practicing yoga for 1 hour 15 minutes which ended with a session of stretches. I used to do cardio and strength training, which is very important for women. That was the phase that changed me. Now, my routine is to get up, eat breakfast and work out. And then I am free to do anything for the rest of the day. 

Mrunal Thakur Exercise Plan
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2. How much weight did you lose for Love Sonia?

My weight loss was quite healthy which happened during the span of six to seven months. When I started, I weighed around 67kg and at the end of it, my weight was 52kg. 

Mrunal Thakur Diet Plan
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3. You worked with super-fit superstar Hrithik Roshan in Super 30. Did he ever share any fitness tips with you?

One important thing I noticed is that he is very dedicated and regular with his workouts. When I used to wake up in the morning for the 7am shift, Hrithik would already be in the gym. After the pack-up in the evening, he would hit the gym again. I remember days when I used to be quite exhausted but I would push myself to do a couple of Suryanamaskars. So yes, Hrithik has inspired me a lot.

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4. You worked with fitness icon John Abraham in Batla House. What fitness tips did he share with you?

One of the most important tips which I received from both Hrithik and John is to eat healthy food. It’s your diet that plays a crucial role, the number of hours you spend in the gym don’t matter so much. 

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5. Today, women are doing the same workouts as men. Do you think women should do slightly different workouts according to their body type?

I feel women should do a workout which they enjoy doing. Just find out what excites you. 

6. How do you take care of your skin while shooting outdoors? Do you follow any natural remedial measures or use sunblock?

Sun block is very important. Two things I follow while travelling are using turmeric and honey as a mask, and a slice of tomato as a cleanser. 

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7. How much water do you drink during the day?

Drinking eight glasses of water in a day is very important. I make sure to carry a bottle of water while travelling. If you want your skin to be fresh and glowing, please drink water

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8. Does your diet or fitness regime change when you are travelling outdoors for a long period?

Whenever I travel, I carry nuts, pumpkin seeds, sprouts and lot of fruits with me. 

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9. What is your favourite cheat food?

I love eating sabzi-roti with ghee. I have a sweet tooth so a chocolate or a brownie is good. 

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10. Do you think yoga and meditation increases your focus on work?

Yes, yoga relaxes and calms me. It makes me happy. It is important for actors because we tend to get restless. 

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11. Any outdoor activity or sport you love playing?

Yes, I love running with my friends. Every Sunday, we get together to run from 6am to 7.30am. 

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12. Do you believe that a 6-pack ab or size zero are signs of fitness?

A big no! Just be happy with your body type because no one else has it. Just workout, eat healthy and be happy. 

13. Please give a tip which will inspire us to make fitness an essential part of our lifestyle.

If you love yourself and your body, please dedicate one hour daily for yourself for exercising

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