A sneak peek into Asha Parekh’s multi-dimensional life

Yesteryear’s Bollywood personalities have been trend-setters in their own right. Asha Parekh is one such veteran actress who has pulled off many impactful roles with ease. She also became the first female chairperson of the Central Board of Film Certification. Padma Shri Asha Parekh’s personal and professional journey has been very inspiring. Here are some interesting facts about The Hit Girl of Bollywood…

1. Stepping up early

Asha Parekh began her acting career at the age of 10. By the time she became leading lady, she had acted in many movies as a child artist. She is one of the few actresses with the most box-office hits in an industry dominated by men.

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2. Happily unmarried

An astrologer had rightly predicted that Asha would never get married. People perceived her to be unapproachable and therefore, hesitated in asking her out. She was apparently all set to marry an NRI, but the wedding was called off when Asha got to know that he was already in a relationship.

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3. Dance came first

As a trained classical dancer, Asha performed in many stage-shows during her active years. She devoted a lot of time to her passion for dance. This made her turn down roles in several movies which became game-changers for other actresses. After exiting films, she began focussing on TV shows and her dance academy, Kala Bhavan

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4. Bonding with Shammi

Asha Parekh’s first co-star Shammi Kapoor was her favourite leading man. They acted in few movies together and the viewers loved their on-screen chemistry. The other Shammi in her life was the actress Nargis Rabadi, popularly known as Shammi Aunty. She was Asha’s closest friend for over 50 years.

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5. Best friends forever

Asha Parekh, Waheeda Rehman, Helen, and Shammi Aunty remain the best of friends. This graceful girl gang has set an example of friendship in Bollywood. Until recently, they attended film screenings and parties together. Asha believes that companionship has therapeutic powers. The late Sadhana and Nanda were also part of this close-knit group.

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6. Candid confessions

In 2017, Asha Parekh released her autobiography – The Hit Girl, in which the talented dancer and actor who is now a diligent social worker, talked about the hits and misses of her 75-year-old journey.

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