Six times when Sachin showered emotions with his bat

Published on 12th Jan 2021 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Sachin…Sachin! Sachin…Sachin!! This anthem still echoes in our ears and makes us want to jump and cheer. Most of us have witnessed the magic created by the God of Cricket. His masterstrokes on the field and his demeanour in life have left lasting impressions. Sachin Tendulkar is a legend we all love to love. On his 45th birthday, let’s have a look at some moments when he made his fans emotional.

1. When he excelled during the Coca-Cola Cup, 1998

The Coca-Cola Cup was a tri-nation cricket tournament held in Sharjah. Sachin’s performance in the series was par excellence and he was awarded the man of the tournament. His proficiency single-handedly won the tournament for India. After this, Sachin became popularly known as the ‘Desert Storm’. His back-to-back centuries made every Indian proud and cry out with joy!

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2. When he scored 140* after his father’s demise, 1999

Sachin lost his father at a young age. The thorough professional that he is, Sachin scored 140 not out three days after his personal loss. Since then, he made it a ritual to look up at the sky after scoring a century. It has been an emotional journey for Sachin, but his passion for the game has remained unshaken.

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3. When he made an ODI double century, 2010

Sachin’s bat has many firsts and bests attributed to it. In 2010, Sachin created history, yet again, by making an ODI double century. Cricket fans across the world gasped with delight when he scored 200 not out from 147 balls. He became the first person to score a double century in a one day international match.

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4. When he lifted the World Cup, 2011

Our run-machine Sachin holds numerous batting records in the World Cup. He also holds the record of playing the highest number (six) of World Cup tournaments. But the moment that his fans cherish the most is when he lifted the World Cup in 2011. The entire cricketing world rejoiced and it was a dream come true for every Sachin fan!

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5. When he scored his 100th century, 2012

The 100th century is another milestone in Sachin’s phenomenal career. Not surprisingly, he is the first one to achieve it. With this, he also completed his set of centuries against every country in both Tests and ODIs. Sachin’s fans waited with bated breath for this landmark century. Though 100 is just a number, it meant the world to them!

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6. When he retired after his 200th test match, 2013

The Sachin-era came to an end in the field on 16th November 2013. There was a swirl of emotions across the stadium. The spectators watched their God play for one last time. Tears welled up as Sachin made his farewell speech. Time came to a standstill as he bid goodbye to his journey “between 22 yards for 24 years”!

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