Six mini-series across OTT platforms that are high on ratings and higher on recommendations

The art of good story telling is surely an asset. And to tell a story that doesn’t drag over seasons is no doubt commendable. Aren’t short stories or mini-series much like an elevator pitch? You have a set number of pages or a specific number of episodes to deliver an impactful story. Not to forget, it has to hold your audience’s attention throughout. In the clutter of shows that run for years, there are certain gems that convey a story in 10 episodes or less. 
Here are six highly recommended mini-series that have garnered incredible responses from audiences. 

1. American Crime Story

This two-season crime anthology series brings to light two of the biggest assassinations in the US from the 90s. The first season takes us through the ruthless murder of Nicole Brown, wife of former football player O. J. Simpson. And the second season is a 9-episode journey investigating the murder of renowned Italian fashion mogul Gianni Versace. 

American Crime Story TV Series
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2. Delhi Crime

A gruesome incident that happened on 16 December 2012 in Delhi sent shock waves across India. Six young men raped and inhumanly mutilated a young girl on a bus. Delhi Crime is a 7-episode mini-series that tests the grit and perseverance of the Delhi police to catch these men. And they must do this before the accused disappears in thin air. 

Netflix series 'Delhi Crime'
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3. Wild Wild Country

Wild Wild Country is a 6-episode series that introduces us to the controversial guru Rajneesh Osho. Osho and his constant aid Ma Ananda Sheela build a utopian city in the desert of Oregon. This not only causes a massive conflict with the locals but leads to other mind-boggling events. With clips from those times interspersed with narration by Ma Sheela and Osho’s devotees, this makes for an interesting watch.

Wild Wild Country
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4. Chernobyl

Only when we all thought nothing could surpass Game of Thrones’ IMDb rating of 9.4, came Chernobyl. In April 1986, the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in USSR suffered a nuclear accident which led to catastrophic damage.  The incident not only killed living beings but also destroyed infrastructure, so intense were its radiations. A stellar star cast and gut-wrenching visual effects, make this 5-episode mini-series a must-watch. 

Chernobyl TV Mini-Series
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5. When They See Us

The shortest of this lot at 4 episodes, When They See Us is a true story that occurred in New York in 1989. A jogger was assaulted and raped in the Central Park and five young black boys were charged with the crime. This mini-series traces their story of years spent trying to fight baseless accusations and proving their innocence.

When They See Us
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6. Black Mirror

Spanning over 5 seasons, Black Mirror doesn’t exactly qualify as a mini-series. But you can start watching this British science fiction anthology from any season and any episode. And that is because every episode is a brand new story. Intellectually stimulating, this dark collection makes us realize how technology is gradually taking mankind to its doomsday.

Black Mirror
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