Six lesser known coffees that you should be sipping this World Coffee Day

Published on 09th Dec 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Our love for coffee runs eternal. It’s tasty, provides that perfect boost of energy and has various health benefits. It’s also super versatile – just check out the various ways in which it can be prepared and had. International World Coffee Day falls on 1st October. Here are six lesser known coffees that we will be trying out.

1. Affogato

A shot of hot espresso poured over vanilla ice cream, that’s Affogato for you. Simple, delicious and oh-so-easy to make. No wonder this coffee has become a regular on the dessert list of many café menus. Spoon it up, sip it or drink it through a straw, the choice is all yours! 

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2. Coffee Tonic

You read it right and it means exactly what it says. Coffee Tonic aka Black Tonic might sound weird, but it has been around for a while. This refreshing drink is made by pouring cold espresso over tonic water on ice. And fans say the result is subliminal, yet complex. It’s sweet and tangy, and creamy and bubbly, all at the same time. It’s probably the unlikeliest combination, but hey, it’s coffee, right? 

Coffee Tonic
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3. Viennese Coffee

Comfort in a cup is how we would best like to describe Viennese Coffee. Espresso shots are infused with whipped cream and garnished with chocolate sprinkles. Some versions also include vanilla ice cream or gelato. Now you know why we say Viennese Coffee is dessert that passes off as coffee! 

Viennessse Coffee
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4. Cortado

Cortar means ‘cut’ in Spanish. Simply put, a shot of espresso is cut with an equal amount of or little more milk. Cortado is typically served in a small cup with very little froth. The coffee is commonly found in Spain, Portugal and other Latin American countries. 

Cortado Coffee
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5. Nitro Coffee

Nitro Coffee is the drink science geeks dream of. Cold brew coffee is infused with colourless and odourless nitrogen gas. This gives the coffee a beautiful foamy look and it tastes creamier and richer. Fans describe Nitro Coffee as extremely smooth, low in acidity with a silky mouthfeel. They also prefer drinking it black, usually poured over ice.

Nitro Coffee
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6. Flat White

You’ve definitely seen this milky coffee pop up on latte art posts on Instagram and Facebook. Flat White is a double shot of espresso with micro-foam milk. It is supposed to be richer and stronger than a latte and creamier than a cappuccino. There’s a debate over whether the name originated in Australia or New Zealand, but does that really matter to its fans? They say not! 

Flat White Coffee
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