Six Halloween songs to send a shiver down your spine

What’s a Halloween party without spooky music? You might have bought the right costume, prepared (or ordered) great food and strung up the perfect decorations. But the fact is, it all boils down to the music: it can help set the mood. In short, the playlist can make or break your party. Fear not. We’ve compiled a list of spooky music must-haves to make your life easier (and the party a hit). Here are six Halloween songs that are sure to send a shiver down your spine!

1. Thriller by Michael Jackson

No Halloween playlist is complete without this classic and there’s a reason for it. Howling wolves, a full moon transformation, a graveyard and zombies: Thriller had all the elements of a horror flick. Michael moonwalked into the hall of fame with his red jacket, iconic vocals and slick moves in this video. No surprise then that the song went on to become a Halloween anthem

Thriller by Michael-Jackson
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2. Black Magic Woman by Santana

One of Santana's biggest hits was coincidentally a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s song. This haunting song stays with you long after you’ve heard it. The combination of jazz, Latin beats and Santana's brilliant guitar chords instantly gets us moving. Throw in Gregg Rolie's seductively smooth vocals about being mesmerised by a “black magic woman” to this mix. Now, do you get why the song fits the Halloween bill? 

Santana Black Magic Woman
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3. The Monster by Eminem featuring Rihanna

Way back in 2013, Eminem and Rihanna released ‘The Monster’ just before Halloween. And boy, did it explode. The song is more about inner demons than monsters outside, but it’s still a Halloween favourite. A catchy tune, Em rapping about dealing with fame and Rih singing about the monster under her bed – the track has it all! Why wouldn’t we add this to our playlist? 

Rihanna Eminem the Monster
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4. Aaja Gufaon Mein Aa from Aks

This list wouldn’t be complete without some Bollywood tracks. And we recommend that Aaja Gufaon Mein Aa be right at the top of your playlist. Why you ask? The song manages to create an aura of mystery and send shivers down one’s spine at the same time. The music is creepy enough to set the mood of the party. Goosebumps guaranteed!

Aaja Gufaon Mein Aa from Aks
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5. Lori of Death from Ragini MMS 2

This is a soothing composition that contrasts with spine-chilling vocals and Sunny Leone playing a possessed woman. There is more than one reason why Lori of Death gives people goosebumps. Sample this: ‘Soja varna daayan kaat khayegi’ (sleep or else the witch will bite). Play this song and we guarantee Lori of Death will do everything except put you to sleep!

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6. Gumnaam Hai Koi from Gumnaam

We couldn’t resist adding this old-but-gold horror song. The song plays against the background of people trapped on an island and all of them start dying. Is this chilling enough? Eerie music, Lata Mangeshkar singing at her creepiest best and hair-raising lyrics definitely make this song Halloween-worthy

Gumnaam Hai Koi from Gumnaam
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