Shhh...these 5 Marathi horror flicks are not to be missed!

Published on 27th Oct 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Have you ever wondered why does every hostel have a ghost story? Friends discuss ghosts probably because they’ve experienced them, or they’re scared, or for sheer fun. Either way, friends and ghost stories make for a great combination! Many filmmakers have created movies to depict this combination on the silver screen. Here are some Marathi movies where friends and ghosts create horror together.

1. Karma Chakra

Five friends set out to look for artifacts. Call it bad karma or rotten luck – the situation goes from bad to worse. Their ordeals are quite haunting, to say the least! Engaging and frightening fare!

Karma Chakra Movie
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Times of India

2. Pachhadlela

Destiny brings three colleagues-cum-friends to a haunted palace. One of them gets possessed by different spirits. It creates some creepy and some hilarious situations. Their funny and scary experiences make this horror-comedy a great watch. Pachhadlela will make you both; guffaw and wince!  

Pachhadlela Marathi Movie
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3. Bhootkaal

A science student visits his native place with few friends. Their interest in a haunted property lands them into trouble. The paranormal activities that follow are sure to send shivers down your spine! 

Bhootkaal Horror Film
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Times of India

4. Unmatta

A curious guy involves his friends in his experiments about telepathy. But things go haywire when their life experiences start haunting them. Their excitement soon transforms into an untoward adventure – and a lot of thrill. 

Unmatta Marathi Horror Movie
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5. Kataka

Originally a Kannada film, this dubbed movie depicts the story of a man who plans to build a school with his childhood friend. He returns to his village to execute his plans. However, there are many hurdles to overcome, including black magic. The movie has spine-chilling visuals that will scare you to the bone! 

Kataka Kannada film
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