Seven exciting stay options for New Year that won’t break the bank

Published on 26th Dec 2018 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Travelling means booking a stay in a hotel. Or does it? Come on, hotels are so mainstream. Be a sport and try something new this time! 
New Year’s Eve will soon be upon us. Take Monday off and you’ll have an extended weekend (4 days!) to welcome 2019. Drop the hotel stay this year and check out these seven offbeat accommodations where you can spend the last weekend of the year!
Go with your family or tag along with your friends to celebrate New Year at these budget-friendly stay options.

1. Homestays

There’s a reason why it’s called a home away from home. Blend in with the local culture, gorge on delicious, homemade food and stay comfortably with family and friends. Select a family home or a vintage mansion, there is a wide variety of homestays available in India

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2. Farmhouses

Connect with your roots far away from the hustle bustle of the city. Farmhouses make for a pleasant stay with their plush green surroundings and close-to-nature setup. Clean air, homemade food and animals to make friends with — it’s the perfect recipe for relaxation!

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3. Camps

Starry nights to gaze up at, the music of the river gushing by in sync with the melodies of nocturnal insects. All this and more to accompany you on your adventurous camping!     

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4. Hostels/dormitories

A pocket-friendly option if you are travelling with a group of buddies. All the basic amenities available in a neat and clean setting, and you all are good to go

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5. Cottages/cabins

Pause, relax and get close to nature in cottage stays which are both environmentally and budget-friendly. The icing on the cake is the unobstructed heavenly view you get from all windows!   

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6. Treehouses

On top of a tree and on top of the world! Cater to your adventurous streak if you have always dreamt of living in a treehouse since childhood. Enid Blyton fans are sure to want to give this a try!

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House Beautiful

7. Boathouse

Are you ready to float? Then this one’s for you. Peaceful, soothing, dreamy – a boathouse in the middle of serene waters will offer solace away from your fast-paced city life

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