Seven Bollywood actors who turned vegan or vegetarian

A vegetarian diet is not what we normally associate with fitness and six-pack abs. But what if we told you some of the fittest Bollywood superstars are in fact vegetarian and even vegan?
Most of these stars who were once diehard meat eaters have now switched sides to follow a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, and are totally in love with it.
Here are some of the biggest and most popular Bollywood actors who can inspire you to go vegan or vegetarian

1. Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan’s wife Kiran Rao persuaded him to give up non-vegetarian food for its health benefits. Being the perfectionist that he is, Aamir has even stopped eating ghee and sweets made using milk. He now has his tea with soya milk, though he admits to missing dahi!

Aamir Khan
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Times Now
2. Alia Bhat

The Raazi girl embraced vegetarianism in 2015. She first decided to go off meat to stay healthy and cool during the summer. Since then Alia has stuck to a plant-based diet because she believes it’s a way to a healthy life. We hope she continues to remain so, considering that her boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor loves his butter chicken and mutton dishes!

Alia Bhatt
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Hindustan Times
3. Kangana Ranaut

A hardcore non-vegetarian all her life, Queen Kangana Ranaut switched sides as she felt it was blocking her spiritually. She recently took it a step further and became a dietary vegan since dairy products didn’t suit her. She hopes to transition into a vegan lifestyle very soon

Kangana Ranaut
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India Today
4. Shahid Kapoor

Much before vegetarianism became such a fad in Bollywood, Shahid gave up non-vegetarian food for spiritual reasons. Sasha has been a staunch vegetarian for nearly a decade. He credits this change to Brian Hines’ book, Life Is Fair, which talks about the karmic justification for vegetarianism

Shahid Kapoor
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DNA India
5. Anushka Sharma

The actress-producer jumped on the vegetarianism bandwagon a few years ago and is proud of it. She now follows a gluten-free diet and is almost vegan. Anushka believes that turning vegetarian was her best decision since she has become healthier and more environment-conscious than before

Anushka Sharma
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6. Sonakshi Sinha

A self-professed animal lover, Sonakshi has always taken a strong stand against all forms of animal cruelty. She decided to go vegan to practice what she preaches. She also acknowledges that the diet change boosted her metabolism and helped her lose oodles of weight

Sonakshi Sinha
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Hindustan Times
7. Sonam Kapoor - Ahuja

The pretty actress became a vegetarian for a healthy lifestyle and because she believes in making compassionate choices. Now she has gone off milk and milk products as well to become a dietary vegan

Sonam Kapoor
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