Review: Why you must watch Akasmat

Akasmat, as the name suggests, is a carefully woven story about how a sudden incident affects a family. It revolves around three characters: Mr. Diwan, his wife Charu and his secretary Rashi.

The play begins on a rainy evening with Diwan and Rashi storming into the house. They are discussing a hit-and-run incident that they were involved in. Diwan wants to surrender to the police, but Rashi dissuades him. Charu suddenly enters the room and the conversation changes track. As they chat, the phone rings and they find out that

Diwan’s son has suddenly died. His face drops but there’s something more than grief that’s visible. 
Actor Shubrajyoti Barat immaculately portrays a grief-struck father. Ashwini Bhave is brilliant as his wife and a mother who has just lost her young son. She sensitively depicts a character who is coming to terms with her loss while learning about her husband’s dark secrets.  

The play beautifully ties the suspense around their son’s death and the behaviour of the characters. Why does Rashi stop Mr. Diwan from surrendering to the cops? How will their son’s death affect Diwan and Charu’s marriage? 

Akasmat, directed by Sushen Bhatnagar is a perfect Saturday afternoon watch. The story unfolds quickly and keeps you at the edge of your seat till the very end. 

Ashwini Bhave in her new play 'Akasmat'