These Remote Comics Will Make You Smile

It’s a punny world for these remotes. Here are a few puns we cooked up for the remote and his friends in your house. Enjoy!

1. We all wish we had an island we could escape to.
2. At some point he must have realized they just don’t CLICK.
3. Cuddling with your cat while watching T.V. is the purrfect combination.
4. We’ve all heard of a third wheel, no one expects the T.V. dish.
5. We guess it was his time to CLOCK-OUT. On the bright side, we can sleep in tomorrow.
6. Their biggest fear is dirty hands and being lost in sofas.
7. What happened? Things were positive for the first few months.
8. Remember, good things come to those who wait for it.
9. Guess you could say the TV was a real PLAYER.


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