Relive your nostalgic moments with these Lucky Ali songs

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Lucky Ali is undoubtedly one of India’s most soulful singers. His melodious voice and heartfelt lyrics have created several memories for a lot of people. The singer also lent his talents to Bollywood and is a household sensation.

A lot of 90s kids relive several nostalgic moments from their childhood when they listen to Lucky Ali songs. Here, we take you on a path down memory lane to relive your favourite memories and also remember some melodious tunes in the process.

You can also listen to the singer live as he still has quite an active concert schedule.

1. Gori Teri Aankhen Kahe

This song was sung as a duet with Kavita Krishnamurthy and is easily one of the best songs of Lucky Ali. This soft track is a wonderful romantic number and is perfectly complemented by the soulful voices and composition. Lyricist Aslam penned some heart-warming lyrics with hidden depths and the music was given by Lucky Ali and Sajid Ali.

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2. O Sanam

This song definitely tops the list of Lucky Ali’s famous songs and it was O Sanam that launched the singer to stardom. It was one of the hits in the singer’s debut album – Sunoh, which instantly placed him on the road to success. Almost every 90s kid remembers listening to this song (on a loop) and the vivid video of the hookah against the pyramid.

The album won many of the top awards in Indian music, including the Best Pop Male Vocalist at the 1996 Screen Awards and the Channel V Viewers Choice Award in 1997. O Sanam was also one of the best Lucky Ali songs used by cover bands and upcoming singers to showcase their talent.

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3. Dekha Hai Aise Bhi

A song that was leaps and bounds ahead of its time, Dekha Hai Aise Bhi is a soulful song from the movie Road. The track was composed by Michael Brook and written by the singer himself along with Ajay Singha, Prashant Tamang and Syed Aslam. The expressive nature of the lyrics coupled with a soft melody and a picturesque video make it a definite fan favourite. The song takes on a much lighter note and is more like a slice of life as compared to some of Lucky Ali’s more melancholic numbers.

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4. Kabhi Aisa Lagta Hai

Being a beautifully expressed song, this is one of the most soulful songs of Lucky Ali. His ability to create some of the most phenomenal tracks with an expressive melody can be witnessed in almost every track he’s sung. While a lot of people believed he didn’t get the recognition he deserved, his songs, such as this one, never get old, and are loved by fans even today.

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5. Tere Mere Saath

An upbeat track, this is another in the list of Lucky Ali’s famous songs. This song is from the singer’s album Aks, released in 2000. While Lucky Ali’s soulful renditions won hearts from his first album, you can hear the growth in the singer’s style here. Lyrics for the track were given by Aijaz, Amol, Dr Arshil, Mehboob, Aslam, Sandesh and Tanvir Shah.

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6. Safarnama

The perfect track to listen to, this is based on a journey of exploration, coupled with its thought-provoking lyrics and can make you feel quite introspective. As always, this track by Lucky Ali is sung in a beautifully melodic voice with an exceptional composition by one of India’s greatest music composer – AR Rahman. The song also showcases the singer’s growth over the years and is the perfect song to explore all of what life and this world has to offer.

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7. Na Tum Jaano Na Hum

This Bollywood number, featuring heartthrob Hrithik Roshan in his debut movie was one of the most played songs when it was released. A stunning melody, soft music, heart-warming lyrics and the soulful voice of Lucky Ali made this the perfect song for a date night. Unlike a lot of music titles these days, which seem to get boring after a while, this soulful number is an evergreen classic that can be enjoyed for decades.

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8. Jaane Kya Dhoondta Hai

For someone trying to figure out what they want from life and what they truly desire, this song is the perfect introspective companion. Lucky Ali captures the emotions and confusion beautifully in his lyrics. The overall tone and mood of the song is positive which is also highly appealing in the midst of confusion.

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9. Nahi Rakhta Dil Mein Kuch

Poetry and emotion showcased through a haunting melody, this song is the epitome of Lucky Ali’s music style. The track is from his 1998 album –Sifar and has a melancholic feel that is common to his persona. The song is based on a sad love story that blooms between a clown and a ballerina and is sung with such emotion and feeling that it is sure to remind you of your own love story.

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