Relive your college days with Dostigiri!

College days are one of the best days in one’s life. Giving proxy attendance for friends, bunking classes to watch latest movies, group studies and what not! Living life to the fullest with not a care in the world. Don’t you agree? 

Dostigiri makes you relive those fun days of your college life. Four best friends – Sid, Shiv, Sam and Purva – do all the things which college friends do. Bunking classes, getting caught while giving proxy attendance, college groupism and more. They are the thickest of friends and stand for each other no matter what the circumstance is. The first half of the movie revolves around this and takes you on a nostalgic trip. 

The second half is when things take a bad turn. Their classmate Arpita gets harassed by Pakya, a politician’s son. Sid gets killed while trying to save Arpita. Unable to bear the loss, Purva, who is Sid’s girlfriend, commits suicide. On the other hand, Sam and Arpita start getting close, but Arpita is being blackmailed into marrying Pakya.
Although a clichéd storyline, Dostigiri rides high on friendship. The love among friends and their commitment to stick together through thick and thin is an unmatchable emotion.

Dostigiri Marathi Movie
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