Regional horror flicks to binge on this week

Published on 29th Oct 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Horror is one genre that never goes out of fashion. And the success of the recently released Kanchana 3 proves this amply. Are you one of those people who can’t get enough of creepy plots and eerie background scores? If yes, we have for you some of our favourite regional horror movies that will give you the creeps. 

1. A true-blue horror movie, that’s what the Telugu flick Arundhati is. 

It’s got the works — a tormented spirit, a villain, a mansion in ruins, tantriks, blood and gore. The movie is also one of Anuskha Shetty’s best movies. She is outstanding in the double role of Jejamma and Arundhati. Sonu Sood is exceptionally good as the evil Pasupathi. The scene when the chandelier collapses on the villain is a complete paisa vasool moment! The movie has been dubbed in Tamil, Kannada, Hindi and remade in Bengali. Go ahead and watch it in your preferred language. 

Arundhati Telugu Horror Movie
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2. What do you get when you mix a deserted home, screaming spirits with fine acting and intelligent dialogues? A frightening good time, we’d say. Kollywood’s Pizza is one such great movie.

 The movie has one of the best climaxes we have seen in a long time. Just when you start thinking who was the ghost for real, the cliffhanger will leave you asking for closure. Vijay Sethupathi as Micheal comes up with a great performance (as usual). However, the star of the movie is director Karthik Subburaj. He manages the several plot twists superbly, ending it on a high. We are still waiting for its sequel, hopefully, one that explains the end. 

Pizza - Horror Movie
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3. A legitimate straight-up spooky tale, the Tamil movie Maya in its first scene starts off with a ghost story.

 And then the haunting begins in all earnest till the end. It also has parallel stories all of which come together quite nicely towards the end. With more than a few unexpected, shocking jolts, this is one movie that will not disappoint you. 

Tamil movie Maya
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4. If edge-of-the-seat narrative is what you like then the Kannada movie Karva is a must watch.

It has enough moments of frights and intrigue. The many twists will keep you guessing till the very end. Is the haunted house really haunted or is it only a ploy for the kidnapping? The answers to this form the crux of the story. The end is especially riveting. 

Kannada movie Karva
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5. Erza is not a typical scary movie.

Instead what it has is an engaging back story, and a sense of foreboding and fear that’s maintained throughout. The plot is set into motion when the protagonist unknowingly picks up a ‘dybbuk’ from the antique collection of a Jew. Now a dybbuk contains a vengeful spirit and it should never be opened. And yes, the box is opened and the spirit possesses the leading lady. What follows next makes for an interesting watch.

Ezra Malayalam horror-thriller movie
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