Randeep Hooda on wildlife

Apart from being a versatile actor, Randeep Hooda is known to be an active member working towards the betterment of environment and wildlife. Recently, the actor took it to KBC, creating awareness about plastic usage and water crisis. Here’s a peek into his life as a wildlife enthusiast and a nature lover. 

1. Capturing the Wild

As a wildlife enthusiast, Randeep has actively used social media to address several wildlife issues. Randeep is also a keen wildlife photographer, who loves to go into the wild with nothing but his camera. Take a look at these jaw-dropping pictures captured by the actor.

Capturing the Wild
Image Courtesy:
Randeep Hooda - Instagram
2. Stable with Horses

We don’t say this, Randeep does. Horse riding is a therapy for him. He has always been close to horses since a young age. He saved the lives of nine high breed horses that were dying of hunger by adopting them. He, now has 40 superior breed racing horses in his Gurugram farmhouse and polo club.

Stable with Horses
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Deccan's Chronicle
3. Different species, one love

Hooda’s perspective on animals is truly golden and thought-worthy. Randeep believes in loving all animals equally. He says, “As a village boy, I've grown up around animals, including cattle and buffaloes, and have harboured a love for them.”
“Loving animals has drawn positivity into my life.”, he adds 

Different species, one love
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Randeep Hooda- Instagram
4. His eye Candy

Randeep fell in love with Candy the minute he saw her at the airport.  Randeep and his four-legged companion will give you pet goals. You’d often find her riding in his jeep, traveling  with him to places and even accompanying him to the stable to meet his horses.

His eye Candy
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Randeep Hooda- Instagram
5. His message for all


On the subject of animal cruelty, Hooda says, “We have voices but animals are voiceless. I try to be their voice. We all should speak for them; at least, that’s what I try to do. The animals, specially wild animals, share a connection with humans from the primitive times. It gives us a sense of evolution... It is important to treat them ordinarily, if not specially.”

 His message for all
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Bollywood Life